Stage 3 Mammoth Kenne Bell Equipped GT500 -

Modifications include Stage 3 Mammoth Kenne Bell GT500 Supercharger Kit - 649 RWHP!

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Kenne Bell "Mammoth" supercharged Shelby GT500

2008 Ford Mustang GT500 789 RWHP 692 Torque Kenne Bell Mammoth Supercharger MMR Motor
We'd previously done a pulley down, long tube headers and a TH400 swap on this awesome GT500. He came back for a built motor with internals from MMR and the Kenne Bell Mammoth Supercharger upgrade. These were incredible but expected gains with this combo, the blower and motor are capable of more the customer is going to add more power after some testing at the Drag Strip. If you've got a GT500 and are looking for some more power Motiva Performance in New Mexico has all the experience and technology you need. At Motiva Performance, order your Kenne Bell Supercharger at:

MPT Performance - 2008 GT500 Kenne Bell 2.8 audio; Beast Mode - Sharkoffs

Shelby GT500 KENNE BELL Mammoth 700HP 2009
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