Stage 3 Mammoth Kenne Bell Equipped GT500 -

Modifications include Stage 3 Mammoth Kenne Bell GT500 Supercharger Kit - 649 RWHP!

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Shelby GT500 KENNE BELL Mammoth 700HP 2009
Magnaflow Exhaust, meth injection Devilsown, FBO, CAI, KENNE BELL, Digital Design,

Shelby GT500 700whp Kenne Bell Supercharger
Shelby GT500 700+whp kenne bell 2.8l, bassani headers, cats, and Exhaust, 4.10 rear, ford racing trans, stage 2 clutch, intake, sct x cal 2 tuning, 14lbs of Boost and pump gas.. done on an enclosed track

2008 GT500 on the Dyno -
Modifications include Steeda Cold Air Intake, Steeda Upper Supercharger Pulley, Steeda Supercharger Belt Tensioner, and a Custom Tune! 537 RWHP! 514 RWTQ!

Kenne Bell "Mammoth" supercharged Shelby GT500