VW 1835 Engine Test Stand Running

Finished the Engine Test Stand and went through the break in procedure for my new 1835 Engine. Everything went smoothly and the engine is running great. Got the Transmission out and am ready to set up the Hydraulic Clutch line. Making good progress.

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1971 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Engine Start
First time starting up the 2333 cc engine (91x84mm) that I installed in my wife's freshly restored 1971 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia convertible. Yes, I know my coil is installed upside-down. The after-market wire harness was installed with too little slack to reach a downward-pointing coil. This is temporary.

built 1835cc start kauai
57 vw start

1972 Volkswagen Beetle 1302 Engine Test Run - It's not a car, It's volkswagen
Volkswagen Beetle 1302 engine test run after rebuilt. Most of all engine parts are new since it was missetup from previous mechanic. And this my old man make thing fine. Find the best setting for the engine. Changed : Fly Wheel to 1977, hi performance spark plug cables, engine blok rebuilt to standard 1600cc. This is my longest time having my beetle repaired in the workshop since I almost left no money for the rebuild. :D

VW 1776 super mouse
Vw 1776 engine build White Rhino case Mahle 90.5 Cb tool steel wrist pins 4140 forged counter balanced 69mm crank H beam race rods apr fasteners Panchito 044 heads with dual high rev springs and port matched intake manifolds Udo Becker tool steel lifters SVDA distributor weber 40 IDF A1 custom Stainless Steel Sidewinder Exhaust with dual stock location outlets ( Pea Shooters ) Zalex Run Box