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IS THE 330Ci ZHP FASTER THAN THE M3?? e46 BMW M3 VS 330Ci ZHP 0-60 acceleration runs
Putting my 2006 BMW e46 330Ci ZHP against the e46 m3 which one will win?

My E46 Tuned 330ci VS 335i Stock (306PS) 100-200Km/h Roll On
My 330ci Mods: Performance Headers - Straight down pipes - Sport Muffler - K&N air intake - ECU remap (20+bhp, 20+Nm, throttle responsiveness+, speed limit removed) - Electric engine fan. 330ci : 14.7s -- 335i: 14.3s

BMW 330Ci vs Golf GTi
Golf had a remap and a de cat

Nissan 350z vs. BMW e46 330Ci