napa fleet 1.5 ton floor jack

napa fleet 1.5 ton floor jack under the name of a walker brand jack maybe even a lincoln. model number 91-632. USA made. I am tearing the jack down to reseal it and give it some paint

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How to reseal a leaking 2 ton Snap On jack part 1
My YA-652 2 ton jack has been leaking FOREVER and I haven't been able to use it as a result. Here is how I fixed it. Make sure to check out part 2! The repair would be the same for Lincoln, Hein-Werner, BlackHawk and others, they all seem to have the same repair kits... Thanks for watching!

How to repair a floor jack that leaks fluid
UPDATED VERSION HERE: This video will show you the most common way to repair a floor jack that is leaking fluid and thus won't lift. I am repairing a 3-ton floor jack, but most jacks are built similar. The O-ring location may be on the male or female side of the piston and the bleeding procedure should be in your owner's manual or you can do as shown in the video. NEW... on 10/2/2016 I filmed a new filling & bleeding procedure that worked even faster and got the jack back to 100%... o-ring here:

Michelin 2 1/2 tons floor jack repair, Part 2, re-assembly
After I got a Michelin 2 1/2 tons defective floor jack, I decided to open it up and see what could be the problem, and, if possible, to fix it. This shows that cleaning the parts before assembly makes sense... After careful re-assembly, the jack is going to have a new useful life. Also you'll see how to adjust the bypass for overload... Hope you enjoy...! Please feel free to like, comment and subscribe.

Cheap floor jack hydraulic unit disassembly before disposal
Now I know why it leaks from day one, the shop refused to take it back for a refund. Lucky I did not get crush by my car.