Supermoto Hooligans: Summer Ride

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Trying to get the Police called on Supermotos
My two friends and I just doing what you do on supermotos. FaceBook Twitter!/thegardensnake My BlueTooth is a SMH-10 My Camera is a Drift Ghost-S My Helmet is a Fox Racing V1 Rockstar My Jackets a Sedici 3 Season Mesh Black My Gloves are SEDICI Lucio Shorty My Pants are SEDICI Alexi 3 Season Mesh My Street Boots are Ridge Air-Tac My MX Boots are O'Neals My MX armor is a 661 Pressure Suit

Cops Cops Cops... Power meet should be named Cop meet! [Extras]
How many Cops can you see in the video? Power Big Meet Weekend in Västerås and there were a lot of Cops. A real video from this weekend will be out soon. Website:

police harassing me
Just riding my drz 400 and a park police pulling me over for no reason no harm done. The link under he tells me to do him a favor and delete the video

Supermoto Fun! Chill night with the Retards... [2012]
Filmed July 29th.... Sweet ridin' and a nice Kebab afterwards! Follow us on facebook: Watch it in 1080p for the experience!