Factory 1972 Pontiac ratcheting shifter

This video shows how a factory ratcheting shifter can be used for racing.

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Pontiac Ratchet Shifter Work Slap Shifter
Working on getting a nice crisp shifter in the car. There is an older sister video to this that describes the workings of these shifters. It's titled "Factory 1972 Pontiac ratcheting shifter".

1970-81 Camaro Firdbird ratchet Shifter
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TCI Ratchet Shifter Part 2: 05 Mustang GT
A detailed explanation of how the TCI Ratchet Shifter works in my 05 Mustang GT.

inside iroc z Hurst dual gate shifter part 2 with demo on shifting
OK my last video just showed it with no demo. So here it is functioning.