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1963 Chevrolet Corvette Alloway's Hot Rod Shop Pro Auto Custom Interiors
The 1963 Chevrolet Split Window Corvette Alloway's Hot Rod Shop took to The SEMA Show 2016....I caught up with it just before it was being loaded for it's trip out west...The back body with the blue Steve Holcomb Pro Auto Custom Interior really pops!...Of course there is a Big Block under the hood...But this one has a custom intake that they where debuting at The SEMA Show 2016....Side pipes...Big tires tucked under the rear.....Another way cool build from Alloway's Hot Rod Shop and Steve Holcomb Pro Auto Custom Interiors....Check it out!!!...Please Subscribe to this Channel and Visit for more cool content!!!

Fox Body Mustang Hot Rod Build | Bibbster
I have had this idea of build a modern day hot rod out of a fox body Mustang for several years now and I have finally decided to just do it. Its gonna be a huge task to get it to the point where I am happy with it but I think over time and alot of work I can pull it off. Stay tuned because you're not gonna wanna miss it. The car is a 1987 Fox Body Mustang. It is a perfect canidate for this hot rod build because it has a straight body but just about everything else is junk. It has suffered years of modifications done the wrong way and would need to be completely redone to just make it street legal / safe again. I see the finished product as cool looking hot rod with an awesome weight to power ratio. Using as much modern day technology as I can but trying to stay true to the old school hot rod look.

Being a big fan of the Velocity Channel's show "Garage Squad" I've been fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet and film one of the show stars Bruno Massel at RT66. Never would I imagined I would run into my favorite star of the show Joe Zolper with his wife Jen and daughter Ruby. I first spotted the Prison City Customs built '73 Duster, powered by 512ci stroker on alcohol, with an 8/71 blower sticking out of the hood that caught my attention! To my surprise I recognized Joe, with another surprise being it was his wife Jen's car! The couple were here for the first shake down run with car and both making license passes. They were able to make a few passes even with having a torque converter failure resulting in power loss. Joe and Jen plan to make repairs and be back at the track soon! To check out Prison City Customs on Facebook click here RT66 Joliet Friday Night Race Your Ride 6-24-16

No f*cks given ratty straight pipe v8 datsun 240z test drive
the rotsuns evil twin gets its broken transmission replaced and we take it for a long overdue ride around the block. still lots to do, there are plenty of holes still in it. and the wiring doesn't exist...