3rd Gear pull from 55mph In the turbo T

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BMW 750Li F02 vs Buick Turbo T Regal
@ Yellobelly ........ N63 vs 3.8L turbo

1987 Turbo T 3rd gear acceleration
Another 3rd Gear Pull In the buick ....In Car this time. 50 to 85 2.8 seconds

1987 TWIN Turbocharged "8-second" Buick T-Type at Belmont's 2015 Auto Show. 11-8-2015
The owner (pictured in thumbnail at back of Buick as I'm getting in) is the COOLEST! He knows his Buick ... and he asked me if I wanted to sit in the driver's seat. This Buick is SPOTLESS inside, outside ... and UNDER!!! I have NEVER seen any vehicle over 2 decades old ... that looks brand new in 2015! This twin turbocharged Buick Regal T-Type runs low 8s all-day-long.

Sound of the 4inch single shot stainless steel Exhaust