1965 Plymouth Satellite Super Stock Drag Car Build Floor Pan Progress 3

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Creating Custom Metal Floors [S2 Ep. 7-1]
Today, Stacey pulls out the tools and starts working metal as he dives into the subject of what to do when your floors are gone... I mean literally gone... nothing there! It's not as big a problem as you may think as Stacey rolls in the "Rat Roaster" and shows you how to create solid metal floors from nothing. This show is loaded with tools and tech that will help you build anything from a small patch panel to a complete floor. While he?s at it, Stacey also covers seat selection and placement so you have a place to plant YOUR seat when you get ready to roll down the street!

Altered Wheelbase Plymouth Construction part 2
The rear section is mocked up and seams to fit well.

Bildspel Drag race Stock - Super Stock Tierp Arena Sweden Internationals 9- 12 Jun 2011
Slide schow Part 1 Stock - Super Stock Sweden Internationals 9-12 Juni Tierp Arena. European Championship EM Dragracing on 1/4 mile track Foto: © Osmo

Super Stock Hemi Satellite
Go for a ride with Jim Isherwood in his HEMI Satellite