Ford XR6 turbo - ICER

Dyno-Mite Performance powered Ford Falcon BA XR6 4L turbo runs into the 10s on radials at Heathcote Park Raceway.

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Wild Ford XR6 turbo!
Welcome back to the track Karman. After a 4 year absense the Ford XR6 turbo awoke first pass off the trailer. The Falcon is still a full weight car with electric glass and factory interior. Quickest pass for the day was an easy 9.0 at 151mph. The 4L turbo six is now using E85 fuel.

XR6 skates to 9s [ SICFPV turbo by All Sparks ]
With a recent conversion to E85 ethanol, David's Ford Falcon XR6 turbo runs into the 9s for the first time. The car is powered by an Atomic forged 4L six and Boosted by a Garrett T51R turbo tuned by All Sparks Performance. Preston Automatics Drag Day - Heathcote Park Raceway, Australia - June 2nd 2013

Turbo 6s @ Heathcote
Features Nissan Skyline R33, Toyota Cressida, Ford Falcon XR6 and Holden Torana LJ turbo. Heathcote Park Raceway, December 26th, 2012.

How to runs 10s on a budget | APS XR6 turbo
Luis Sola's 2004 Ford Falcon XR6 turbo [ APSPSI ] is a great example of how to run quick on a realistic budget. The car still retains the factory 4.0L Barra big Aussie six now sitting at over 240,000kms old. With some select bolt-ons and an E85 fuel system the car has run a stack of ten second passes and has improved at every outing so don't be surprised to see it run quicker yet. Still retaining the factory cat-back Exhaust system, the Ford is as quiet as a mouse on road considering the current combination is good for over 580hp to the rear wheels. Calder Park, Australia - May 30th, 2014