Ford Expedition 0-60 Time!!

2007 Ford Expedition 0-60 time

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2014 Ford Expedition 5.4 liter v8 zero to 95 mph
This is a video showing the acceleration of a 2014 Ford Expedition with the 5.4l v8 engine. This is a 0-95mph video to show the acceleration it has for higher speed highways. Thanks for watching!

2009 Tahoe 0-60 Vortech
This is our 2009 Tahoe doing a 0-60 run. It's slow. But sounds good? lol. I really am dissipoined with how slow it is =[

2017 Lincoln Navigator 0-60 EcoBoost V6 Acceleration (2017 Ford Expedition 0-60)
380hp 3.5L EcoBoost V6 (also standard in the 2017 Ford Expedition) 6 speed automatic transmission AWD all wheel drive 0-60 MPH / 0-100 km/h

2008 Ford Expedition Top Speed
Taking the good old 08' to its limiter. How I wish i could go faster :x