"Youve Got To Be SUPER Nuts" Sand Hollow new Buggy Line Second Time Up

This was my second time up this new line we made 2/21/2015 Sand Hollow State park. This obstacle is on the "Maze" trail towards the end. There were no tracks up it and now there are two sets from me and me LOL I rate this a #7-8 out of a 10. Not super hard but you can sure get hurt or killed if you make a mistake. Check out the original video of "You've got to be nuts" Underground Diesel Performance Las Vegas NV your #1 Diesel Repair shop 702-737-7333 www.undergrounddiesels.com

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Action shots from 3 days in Sand Hollow UT!
The action shots I got during a recent awesome trip to Sand Hollow, UT

Let there be Carnage!!! Sand Hollow 2017 Rzr 1000's
This was our 3rd annual trip to Sand Hollow Utah. We had a blast as always. Hard not to with all the variety of riding Sand Hollow offers and really great friends! I hope you enjoy, Please Subscribe and hit the Like button!! For Gear and Apparel head to our website https://www.slikrokproductions.com

Epic Jeep Wrangler Rollovers - Amazing Fails Must See Ending
This is the best rollover video aout there toay. Full Rolling, Flipping, screaming, clapping, and congratulation. Jeepster moto; If at first you don't succeed, roll roll again. Comend the die-hards who live off old tires and true grit. Goes to show a bad day Jeepin' is still better than a good day at work! http://ProJeep.com

SUBSCRIBE | LIKE| SHARE SUPER ATV http://www.superatv.com RCV AXLES http://www.rcvperformance.com ABERNATHY CYCLES: http://www.abernathycycles.com MadRam11 Clothing here: http://madram11productions.com The Southern Rock Racing Series picked one Nasty hill for the 2nd race hill at Stony Lonesome. ScrewDriver the name of the hill had been unclimbed until this day. Several racers tried their best to make it to the top but only 3 guys were able to drive out the top on their own power. Clayton Hollingsworth had the fastest time and Brandon Davis and Tim Cameron also made it. Video does this nasty hill no justice at all. Stony Lonesome Offroad park is definitely one awesome park and we highly recommend it.