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My Idle 2.0 ABA w/ 268* Cam

Pardon the loose heat shield


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Volkswagen Amazon ABA Turbo MegaSquirt
Motor: ABA 2.0 8v turbo: Garret .50/.80 ECU: MegaSquirt PS-Competicion MegaSquirt by DPMSports (Arkanimus)

ABA swap rabbit
the old setup....back in the day 260 cam, some chip..Exhaust something

mk3 golf 8v Idle, Autotec 270, BFI chip, Port head work, etc....
Recorded with iphone 4: What's up VW crew, my mk3 was in a rainy day fender bender few weeks ago, just finished swapping fenders and wheels. Got wheels from Ben from Vdub up here in Southern Maryland. I just need lip, new headlights and new coils when get a chance.

1983 VW Rabbit Truck/ Caddy w/ ABA 2.0L
Sound Check

Turbo ABA 2.0T VW 288 Camshaft Borla 2.5 inch idle slight rev
My New Engine in my Jetta Mk3. Everything you can do it, Damn Deer took it out after 10 hours of driving, In the body shop, More videos to come. Current Software C2 42Lbs, techtonicstuning.com in oregon, or autotech.com in cali, blackforrestindustries.com is ok got my motor mounts from them, dont do delrin mounts, it will shake your filling out, if your looking for some real power hit me up. im all about megasquirt. i have done 4 cars now. im going to get a video up soon with working ALS. hit me up if you have any more questions i know these cars inside and out.

Mk1 with 272 cams
love the idle :)

kinetic 2.0 aba stage 2 turbo jetta
15 psi

VW Golf MKIII 2.0 ABA w/ TT Cam, Chip and Magnaflow Exhaust
VW Golf MKIII, 2.0 8v ABA 5spd. TT 266 (270) Cam, TT Cam Chip, VR6 injectors, Custom Ported TB, Magnaflow cat-back Exhaust and BFI .5 stage mounts. This is a cold start with a couple rev's. The car's chip doesn't settle the rev's until about 30 seconds of running so there is a pretty nice lope to the engine during this time. The cat's shield is loose, that's what you hear rattling.

VW Golf GTI Mk1 Starting P&P head, Schrick 288
The starting of my Mk1 GTI 8V 1.8 hunting

Vw Caddy 288 cam (2)1st-4th gear .mp4
Vw caddy 2.0L 8 valve - crossflow head with 288 stk cam

MKIII VW Jetta 2.0 8v
Ported OBDI head -TT 268 cam -TT dual valve springs -TT 7mm valve stem seals, lower spring seats, keepers, and retainers -TT adjustable cam gear 2.25" stainless steel cat-back Exhaust w/ DTM tips

my jetta con filtro de alto flujo
jetta 2.0 con sistema de alto flujo

mk3 jetta 2.0 cammed chipped 2.5 magnaflow,intake vs honda vtech

2.0l with 268 cam on cold start
2.0L 8v 268 cam chip mk4 downpipe Magnaflow highflow cat 2.25 stainless piping Vibrant stealth muffler

2.0 8v Magnaflow Exhaust
A few clips of my Golf's Exhaust setup. Outside at idle has a nice, deep tone...you need a speaker setup with subwoofer to fully appreciate the sound. Not raspy at all, and with the new resonator, a lot less droney, too. The airbox is cut so the entire fender side is open to draw in air. The stock airbox/filters are so large on these cars that dropping a cone filter intake setup in isn't necessary; a cloth filter and modded airbox is really all you need. Car's Specs: -95 VW Golf Sport -2.0 8v ABA, aka the 2-point-slow

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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