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Knight Rider (2018) Official Fan Movie Trailer [HD] New Movie Teaser
Knight Rider (2018) Official Fan Trailer [HD] Please subscribe here: for more #DreamTrailers New Dream Trailer Out Now: Michael Knight is back, and so is KITT, the Knight Industries Two-Thousand! This is a Fan Made Trailer, created from various clips. Original "Knight Rider Theme" Remixed by: Digital Dope Boyz Download MP3 HERE : Alternate Link:

Torque - Opening Scene - Cars Suck
This is the opening scene to the movie - Torque. At the end the sign spins and spells 'Cars Suck'

Knight Rider K.I.T.T Mod GTA V
Sorry for not posting a video in so long i guess i've felt very irrelevant, the modding scene is swarming with gta 5 youtubers now, i mean what can i do thats special any more? not to mention the whole past gtascripting thing adding on the list of people who has just out of random betrayed me, then theres some people who hates what i do and wants nothing but me stopping as you can see theres not a whole lot of positivity. mod by 3id

Ferrari or Lamborghini in KL