Cars N' Boba #5 2011 San Jose. 350z curbs it real bad :(

A clean ass 350z curbs it hard looking for a parking spot. Too embarassing.

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Bay Area Street Races - San Jose Runs 2001
San Jose runs in the early 2000. The runs would actually meet in numerous spots in the San Jose area. Numerous impromptu tracks would open up in various known spots in Fremont, San Jose, Milpitas and Santa Clara. When one spot was broken up by the cops, the whole carnival of cars would move on to the next track. Then so on and so on. On any given night, 200-300 cars would be in a single meet. Footage here is all from one single night from 12:00am to 4:00am in the morning. You don't see runs like this anymore. The song I choose was the slap during this era. Update: I take it back saying these type of runs do not happen anymore. At the time I made this video I been away from the culture for a long time. Its now bigger and badder than ever. Man nothing but rice back then LMFAO!

Stance Wars werks
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Badbreed Nitroused 350z
Mates car I uploaded for him..sick as hell

350z Cruise
Exhaust : Qas SS63-II True Dual 09/2008 Model