Corvette ZR1 Build

GMnext followed a new Corvette ZR1 through the entire production process. We start with just the frame and end up in the plant parking lot with a brand new super car.

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2009 Corvette ZR1 LS9 Engine Build

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 HD [Documentary]
The Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1 (nicknamed "The Blue Devil") is a sports car based on the Corvette C6. Both the C3 from 1969–1971 and C4 Corvettes from 1990-1995 also had ZR-1 models. The Corvette ZR1 engine is a heavily modified version of the LS3 Corvette engine, designated the supercharged LS9 Corvette engine. Producing 638 hp (476 kW; 647 PS) and 604 lbf·ft (819 N·m) of torque, it is the most powerful production Corvette to date. The LS9 has a sixth-generation Eaton TVS R2300 roots 4-lobe Supercharger with Intercoolers from Behr, utilizing an air-to-water, dual-brick design. The Supercharger's four-lobe design offers improved efficiency over three-lobe models. To avoid changes to the hood appearance, the Supercharger's output was split into two halves. Each cylinder bank has an Intercooler. The cylinder walls of the LS3 are thicker than the Z06's LS7 since the LS3 has a smaller bore. Oil squirters under each piston help cool the pistons. Connecting rods and the inlet valve are made of titanium. Heads are made from a special heat resistant aluminum alloy. The camshaft lift was reduced from the LS7's to improve idle quality. With the addition of the Supercharger to the 6.2 liter LS9, the higher lift camshaft was no longer necessary to achieve horsepower targets. Lubrication is provided by an improved version of the LS7's dry sump system. The new system increases oil capacity from 8.0 to 10.5 quarts (9.94 liters). A new dual gerotor oil pump increases scavenge performance and oil pressure, enabling oil to be delivered under the most extreme conditions. The LS7 oilpan is used for the LS9 with the addition of an oil cooler which is mounted on the left side of the pan. With the 2011 model, GM offers the optional "Corvette Engine Build Experience," where the customer visits the General Motors’ Performance Build Center to help assemble the LS9 for the ZR1 purchased. Factory technicians supervise the process and the normal warranty covers the engine built by the customer's hands. The ZR1 flywheel has been improved over the 2008 Z06. The flywheel was upgraded by going from six to a 9 bolt design and cutting off nearly 9.8 ounces (278 grams) for improved throttle response and acceleration. The ZR1 has a 6-speed manual Tremec TR-6060 transmission with a MH3 gearset, while the 2008 Z06 featured the MM6 gearset.

► New Corvette Engine Build Experience
More news and videos on For enthusiasts who want to be personally involved in creating their Corvette, Chevrolet's new Corvette Engine Build Experience allows them to literally build the engine for their new car. In what is believed to be the first program of its kind, customers who order a 2011 Corvette Z06 or ZR1 can choose to pay an additional $5,800 and hand-assemble their cars' LS7 or LS9 engines at GM's Performance Build Center (PBC) in Wixom, Mich. In addition to building their own engines, Corvette buyers can attend driving school in Arizona or Nevada, take delivery of their vehicles at the National Corvette Museum or watch their vehicles being built at the Corvette assembly plant in Bowling Green, Ky.

2011 Chevy Corvette Chassis
This is an official video by Chevrolet featuring Corvette Team members discussing the chassis and materials used in the 2011 Corvette.