ford escape 4x4 front wheel drive donuts joy ride redneck

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I am an idiot
Escape attempting donuts but failing because of AWD mode.

2008 Ford Escape
2008 Ford Escape burnout over speed bump and then in parking lot with e-brake on.

挑戰大岩塊,展現FORD Escape引擎爆發力
挑戰大岩塊,展現FORD Escape引擎爆發力

Light off roading in Ford Escape 4x4
Found a bit of terrain that was a little challenging but "do-able" for my Escape. That was my second drive up the hill, first time I didn't hang at all, but I let off the gas too much on the video. Check out if your a fan of the Escape, Mariner, or Tribute Mine is a 2001 4 cylinder 4x4 Model.