Hellion Coyote Twin Turbo Dyno Video

Impressive Dyno results from our new twin turbo system for the 2012 Mustang GT, "The Eliminator." On only 5.4 psi, this easy to install system cranked out over 600 rear wheel horsepower on pump gas with everyday driveability. Order yours today and transform your new 2012 Coyote into a total monster. Give us a call at 505-873-4670 or check out our website, www.hellionpowersystems.com to learn more about this awesome system. Music by: Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows - "I'm the Rehab, You're the Drugs" - This is not our music, nor do we claim it to be.

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Hellion 2015 Mustang GT Twin Turbo 949 hp!
Check out the Hellion twin turbo Mustang GT pumping out 949 RWHP! This is done with our twin turbo kit, Precision 64mm turbos, Bassani 2.5" Exhaust, JMS PowerMAX fuel pump voltage Booster, and it was all remotely tuned by Blow By Racing! Call to get yours today! 505-873-4670 www.hellionpowersystems.com

ZR1 Vs Turbo Coyote
BullittEdyR & Bryaneffinturner battling it out in a turbo 2012 5.0 & a ZR1 on Russian highway 20mph to 220mph 220mph was made possible by very strong tailwind and downhill race

Hellion Twin Turbo 2013 Boss 302 Mustang puts down over 630 rwhp on the dyno at TMS
We just finished building this 2013 Boss 302 Mustang for a client, with a Hellion twin turbo kit and full MBRP race Exhaust. It's a beast! First pull got 634 rwhp and 527 tq on Hellion's base tune. Stock internals, stock fuel system and 91 octane pump gas.

Twin Turbo 5.0 Coyote SVO Foxbody Chris Escobar Street Fun
Chris Escobar's '86 SVO built Coyote 5.0 with Garrett Twin turbos, Powerglide & much more