Aquila CR1 racing at Spa-Francorchamps

Aquila CR1 racing in the Dutch Super Car Challenge at Spa-Francorshamps October 3rd 2009. In the seat are former Le Mans driver Lars Erik Nielsen and Alex Frederichsen.

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Aquila CR1 LS7
Claus Christensen wins a stunning victory in its brand new. Aquila CR1 LS7 after he had started from the back

INSANE Dyno Test: Aquila CR1 LS7 Racing Car
Rolling road test of Aquila CR1 with GM's LS7 engine at Aarhus Tech. Sorry for bad quality, filmed by smartphone. Subscribe for plenty of car content coming: Social:

Lietuvoje pristatyta Aquila CR1 LS7.mpg
Šiuo žiedinių lenktynių monstru "1000 km." lenktynėse startuos daugkartinis žiedo čempionas Ramūnas Čapkauskas.

MotorTV - Aquila racing
Vi har besøgt Århus Tech's underviser Dan Suenson, på hans faste arbejdsplads, Aquila Racing.