RENNtech SLR McLaren vs. Nissan GTR - Drag Race - Road Test TV Mercedes SLR McLaren modified by RENNtech takes on a tuned Nissan GTR at Palm Beach International Raceway. McLaren runs a 10.46 @ 133 to the Nissan GTR's 11.53 @ 125.

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Worlds Fastest Mercedes Mclaren SLR vs Corvette
Worlds fastest Merces Mclaren SLR Mercedes SLR sets a New 1/4 mile World Record for a Mercedes powered Mercedes Benz by running a 9.76 @ 140.8 MPH (226 KMH) Mercedes Mclaren SLR vs Corvette at Palm Beach International Raceway Quarter Mile Drag Race Mclaren time: 9.7 @ 140mph

1000 HP AMS Alpha GTR v AMG GT-S - 1/4 Mile Drag Race Video - Road Test TV 1/4 mile Drag Race Video of a 2016 AMG GT Model S against a AMS Alpha 9 Nissan GTR. The AMG GT Model S makes power via a Bi turbo 4.0 Liter V8 and produces 503 horsepower and 479 lb/ft of torque. The power is transmitted to the ground via a 7 speed dual clutch transmission. The Alpha 9 makes over 1000 horsepower and more than 950 lb/ft of torque. Base Price of the AMG-GT Model S is $129,900.00. Price of Alpha 9 GTR including the price of a new GT-R is about $150,000.00. If install the Alpha 9 package on a used GT-R, an Alpha 9 will cost you about $110,000 including the price of the car. That's a lot of performance for the dollar. Road Test TV - We Live Hi Performance! New Videos Every Sunday !!! Please SUBSCRIBE

Nissan GTR (El Loco) vs SLR Roadster
Nissan GTR 2 wheel drive for now vs a SLR Roadster 2 wheel drive. Nothing can surprise me when El loco hits the track.

Nissan GTR vs McLaren SLR
GTR 655hp 3850lbs SLR 617hp 3900lbs GTR ECU shifts car from 4th to 5th when its about to it the redline at the same time driver shifts to 6th thinking its 5th gear.