My 68 Firebird Restoration Part 54

Blocking front fenders and hood

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My 68 Firebird Restoration Part 58
Painted My Car!! 2 coats of sealer, 3 coats of base, and 2 coats of matted clear

1968 Firebird Restoration - Clip 1
From February 18, 2015, at Cars N Colors in San Fernando, California. This is the condition of the Firebird after the old charcoal gray paint and bondo was stripped away. The right rear quarter panel was heavily covered in bondo, and its removal showed that the car had previously been hit hard in that area. You can see how bad the gaps between the right door and rear quarter panel are. Also, the panel at the base of the rear window and trunk opening had significant rust beneath, which meant replacing that panel too. The audio track is "Montana" by Tycho.

My 68 Firebird Restoration Part 53
Fenders and hood installed

My 68 Firebird Restoration Part 67
How to fix quarter glass windows on a 1st gen F body, painted some parts and talked about window motor install for Greg Porter