Liquid Ice Energy Drink FG BMW M3 GTR Sportsline speed test

Testing the traction and speed of the FG Sportsline Onroad 1/5 scale car. Tested on a 400 meters(quarter mile) oval track. Not bad for a total stocky and first run. Had a baja 5b with a rear dom on the track and as you can see it got left behind. With a few mods, I bet this car will be rediculous. Thanks to Liquid Ice ,Frank and Angel at for the tip.

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SUPER LIQUID ICE FG C6R CORVETTE 1/4 mile track - ACTUAL SPEED read description.
IT IS THE ACTUAL SPEED. Recorded with a Panasonic Lumix with AVCHD and converted to MOV. The skipping motion is due to the frame rate vs object size vs speed..... Heavy MOD FG Sportsline 08. Its designed to be fast and can take turns...not a drag car. The car is capable of going alot faster but the banks don't allow the engine to spool up and the engine does not have enough juice to bring it to top speed for entry to turn 1. I need a kick ass motor that can rev and also have juice to maintain power on the banks and also have sufficient cooling. suggestions are welcome. The engine used on this run was a Zenoah ESP G270 MOD. The gears are too tall so its not reaching top speed , just received my new OBR engine and will install it for this week ends run. Hoping to reach the 80mph plus with a average lap time of 12 secs for this track which is extemely hard, it may be impossible.

2007 World Championships BRISBANE trailer HD
1:5 RC Car Racing Clip

1:5 RC Car: Erster dynamischer Fahrzeugtest für iSuPIA
Infos: Nach aufwendiger Setuparbeit konnten wir am heutigen Tag den ersten dynamischen Fahrzeugtest mit unserem ersten Fahrzeug unternehmen. Dabei wurde die Funktionsfähigkeit der Batterieüberwachung, Getriebekonstruktion und Mikrocontrollerprogrammierung in einem ersten Test überprüft. Alles verlief hochgradig zufriedenstellend, sodass die Arbeit in bewährter Qualität weitergeführt werden kann. Infos: Music: Kevin MacLeod von Video: Kodak Zx1

Traxxas XO-1 - 100mph Super Car HD Ready-To-Race Dyno Traxxas XO-1 Speed & Dyno Run See my racing videos: ■100+mph Out of the Box!* ■NEW Castle Creations Mamba Monster Extreme Speed Control ■NEW Traxxas Big Block Brushless Motor, Powered by Castle ■NEW TQi 2.4GHz Radio System with Docking Base* ■NEW Integrated Speed, RPM, temperature, and voltage Telemetry System* ■Factory Equipped with two Traxxas Power Cell 3S 5000mAh LiPo batteries ■All Wheel Drive