RE Amemiya NA Super-7

Photos on Facebook: The last complete bodykit for FD3S RE Amemiya will ever create! Sad, but the car is so cool and awesome... [Car Info] - Name: Amemiya NA Super-7 - Tuned by: RE Amemiya - Base Vehicle: Mazda RX-7 (FD3S) [Spec] - Bodykit: Final Complete RX-7 - Suspension: Quantum RS RE Amemiya SPL FD3S - Shock: Quantum - Springs: Swift F16kg / R18kg - LSD: RE Amemiya L.S.D. Super Racing - Clutch: ORC Metal Series 2 Plate - Wheels: Enkei GTC-01 - Tires: Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 - Seats: Bride - Meter: M7 Racing Meter SMD, RE Amemiya White Meter Set ----- Music by grapes / Title: Ophelia's Song

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FD3S RX-7 autocross
Photos: Mazda RX-7 is still one of the best autocross car. A driver sponsored by Autobacs group (ARTA) was demonstrating what the competition is like. Anyone noticed this car has a license plate? The regulation of "All Japan Gymkhana" requires vehicles to go by the law of road traffic. These cars can actually be driven on streets. - Car Name: ARTA RX-7 - Race Category: All Japan Gymkana - Driver: Tadashi Kawakita (Autobacs staff)

RE Amemiya factory - rotary heaven!
Completely focused on tuning rotary engine cars such as Mazda RX-7 and RX-8, RE Amemiya is known as the best Rotary tuner in Japan. Not only they are good at tuning RX-7 street cars seen on Touge Monster championship in HotVersion movies, they have attained glorious achivements in SuperGT as a racing team, and in D1 GranPrix. There is no other tuner in Japan doing SuperGT, D1, and street car tuning at the same time. The store is located in the suburb of Tokyo, only half an hour away from the Tokyo International Airport. At the store, they sell RX-7 and RX-8 in stock condition, tuned cars of "Greddy" brand, and individual parts. Their parking lot filled up with rotary engine cars is nothing but a "rotary heaven"! [RE Amemiya - corporate profile] Founded: 1974 Founder: Isami Amemiya Headquarters: Chiba, Japan Website: Wikipedia: Most famous car: Amemiya AsparaDrink RX-7 (Winner of 2006 SuperGT GT300 class)

[生]RE雨宮-幻気7に遭遇するの巻(ToEncounterRE-AmamiyaGenki-7 'sBOOK.)
ライブ放送は終了しました。不定期にyoutube-Liveにて首都 高生放送しております。 17:45 幻気7遭遇。Genki-7 encounter. 18:25 辰巳PAからの夜景。 Tatsumi-PA view. 25:15 幻気7再遭遇。Genki-7 re-encounter. -------- ■現在地

RE雨宮氏 独占インタビュー マツダRE Amemiya Rotary Legend 1 on 1 Interview Mazda
今回スティーブは東京にあるRE雨宮自動車工場を訪れ、 表を務める雨宮勇美氏 (アマさん)への独占インタビューをさせて頂きました 母体のチューニングショップは古くから活動しており 「RE」という名前からわかる通りロータリーエンジンの チューニングを得意とし、雨宮氏自身もこだわりを持っ ており、ローターリーエンジン、RX-7のチューニングで 第一人者でもある。そんな彼とスティーブが一対一で 対談。ほぼ雨宮氏の語りになっていますが、内容の濃 面白い話が満載です! RE Amemiya is a Japanese tuning legend. He is even referred to as a God in the Japanese car world. Rotary tuning is what he does and even at the age of almost 69 years old, he still hits the Wangan and Tomei, pumping 300km/h plus out of tiny Rotary engines. He is a proud Mazda fan and loves RX-7s even today!! In a one on one with Steve, he doesn't mince words and once the "formal" interview was over, he really let loose!!! This is Part 1 in a 2 Part Interview. Japanese with English subtitles. 日本語版 英語字幕 New Releases Every Tuesday and Thursday 3PM PDT 日本時刻で毎週水曜日と金曜日の朝7時に絶賛配信中! Please visit my sites: スティーブ的視点関連ウエブサイト: Facebook- StevesPOV Website- Twitter- Instagram- Ebay Store- Ebay Liberty Walk LB- アメブロー Youtube- Steve's POV スティーブ的視点