Mk4 Golf R32 with Simota Racing filter

Short fast road video of my Mk4 R32 Golf fitted with a Simota Racing CIA. Driven on local roads,early evening on a Sunday. The audio capture doesn't really do the filter justice, the howl from the V6 is quite special first hand. The video was shot uisng a POV.1 mounted on a custom bracket in the nearside front grille.

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MKIV R32 Milltek Exhaust
Just a video showcasing the Exhaust note of a MKIV VW R32. It has a cat-back Milltek Exhaust. The inside portion is with the windows up and the AC is blowing on the microphone. Oops...

Golf R32 - 3.Int..:R32-Treffen-FFM-2006-PART1
R32-Event GTG 2006 Music: 1. 00:50 Linkin Park - Numb 2. 01:12 Moby - Flower 3. 03:08 Refused - New Noise 4. 11:43 Gemini Five - Second II None 5. 15:00 Nonpoint - In the Air Tonight 6. 20:10 P.O.D. - Goodbye for Now

VW Golf MK5 R32 Dyno Run 260 BHP PPCGB Milltek Carbon Induction Kit
R32 VW Golf demonstrator at work we decided to see if we could develop a couple of phases of tuning options without going all out with big power turbo conversions etc. Firstly for a louder nicer raspy sound to enhance already great sounding V6 we opted for the Milltek Cat back non resonated Exhaust system which although is a little loud perhaps for some, really does sound good. There is obviously the resonated system available for those who don't like the extra loud Exhaust noise. We then thought about an induction system and other than a generic BMC product there didn't seem to be a designated induction kit for the R32 so with our tuning partners that develop and test the Simota product we set about making an induction kit for the car. As you will see from some of the pics I think we have done a good job and the proof of the pudding will be on the Dyno later on. Then as an experiment to see if we could improve the throttle response we fitted a sprint Booster which really livened the car up between gear changes and on pull away. Finally I spent the day at our tuning partners to have a full rolling road tune developed this is ideal because the lambda is measured along with intake and ambient air temperatures to make sure the file is good rather than just making changes and hoping its all ok.. After spending some time changing ignition and fuelling parameters along with a slightly raised rev limiter we had the results we needed as to what phase of tuning we can offer. From a stock car with a standard filter to the Simota r32 induction kit the car had gained around 8 horse power with the cat back system on as well, although the Exhaust is more of a noise upgrade with the induction kit providing the extra air flow and power. With the software written accordingly the car had now gained after learning an additional 12 bhp which in turn gives 20bhp over a standard car. With all this and the sprint Booster the car is completely different machine to drive the mid range flat spot the car seemed to suffer from completely gone and it pulls all the way to the limiter. We are very soon to be offering 3 different stages of tuning for this particular car. 1 = Panel filter with software. (Sprint Booster optional) 2 = Simota Induction Kit with software (sprint Booster optional) 3 = Simota induction Kit, developed software and a cat back system. (sprint Booster optional) Written by Keith Davis