03-04 Cobra Compilation: FULL THROTTLE!!!!!!!! PT4

FINALLY LOL PART 4....the pics went with the music but somehow when i uploaded it all the pics got off-beat by like half a sec :( theres no way im going back and fixing it lol took WAY too long to make lol the pic at 1:27 isnt supposed to be in here idk how that gt got in my cobra folder oh well i dont feel like taking it out lol

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03-04 cobra compilation pt 5
i dont own any copyrights!.......idk y the intro song sounds so crappy....didnt sound so echo sounding when i was making the vid

Why is the 03/04 Terminator Cobra Engine so STRONG? Internals exposed
This video shows the breakdown of the Terminator rotating Assembly. Having a fully forged rotating assembly vs cast is what helps the terminator hold over 1,000 HP. This video linked below shows a great summary of how the world was reacting as Camaros/FIrebirds would struggle with the terminator, and how the Terminator now chased down Z06s.. all as Forums and Youtube now came forward, and had the ability to broadcast it to the world.This is why we have 707 HP Hellcats, 650 HP Z06s, ZL1s, ZR1s, CTS-Vs etc running around now. Ford set a new standard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwFYZSai1WA&t=184s

Kurt's first drive in the '04 Mustang Cobra (watch till end)
4 of us piled into the car for a quick test drive. And to act like dirty old men. Specs: Ported Eaton 2.76 pulley Upgraded heat exhanger Bassani Exhaust Fastlane motorsports tune

The elusive Cobra R - A unicorn among Mustangs
www.autoshowtelevision.com Limited to only 300 units, the race-ready high performance 2000 Cobra R is a rare car to see. Max, the owner of this hardcore and race-bred track machine, shows us what is like to live with the Cobra R. Even after having owned various exotics, this is the one car that found a special place in his heart.