Oddbjoern Snippen Chevelle 1971 dragrace

My friend Oddbjoern Snippen burning the tires the whole strip. A part of the story is that he drove this car from Norway to Denmark and back like a normal family car. Under the hood is a Shafiroff big block 598 cid engine pulling 774 hp. Location Denmarks quickest car 2009.

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Camaro SS vs. Barracuda 1/4 mile
71 Chevrolet Camaro SS Shafiroff 598 vs. Plymouth Barracuda 1/4 mile 12.58 @ 176.47 kmh (wet streets)

pump gas 598 10th run (1)
pump gas 598 10th run (1)

Volvo 240 2,3 16 Turbo
Sveinunggard Motorteknikk Dyno Volvo 240 with KVS Streetported and modded 16V head and std camshafts, Presicion turbo, car,headers and intake by owner Roger Jensen.Maptuning Steinar Lysfjord in cooperation with KVS.

testing new 598
at Tulsa testing