Oddbjoern Snippen Chevelle 1971 dragrace

My friend Oddbjoern Snippen burning the tires the whole strip. A part of the story is that he drove this car from Norway to Denmark and back like a normal family car. Under the hood is a Shafiroff big block 598 cid engine pulling 774 hp. Location Denmarks quickest car 2009.

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Lefseklingers på rocker`n
Norwegian rock band Lefseklingers. Video mix from different gigs

dyno m frodes mustang
Testing of the dataconverted Dyno with a hot Mustang on the rollers. For information this is not a full pull, but a small test.

70 chevelle
a nice 70 chevy chevell taking a burnout on tyrigrava,norway.

Lefseklingers Nokon som de - Live - Nesbyen 2015
A rock ballad with The Norwegian rock band Lefseklingers in concert at Advents rock 2015. Location Hjørnet - Nesbyen - Norway Here with guest artists on chorus and organ.