350z Rubbing Vibration Noise when Accelerating

Strange noise from 350z when accelerating... The beggining you can hear it well but when I put the camera on the dash it's very noticable.. You can hear the normal engine accelerating noise in the background and the hollow type strange noise over it all. Feels like it takes a performance hit too.

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Front End vibration... Whats causing it? NEVER SOLVED!
Thanks for all of the suggestions. Truck still vibrates. It is the body of the truck vibrating side to side, and I can feel it in the steering. I never found the cause and ended up selling the truck. I tried new tires, new rims, rebalancing wheels, new factory CV axles, new wheel bearings, new tie rod ends, new shocks, new rotors, new pads, new U joints on drivelines, new control arm bushings, new ball joints, new everything.... no tire free play in any direction when vehicle is jacked up. I finally ended up selling the truck for other reasons and the new buyer seemed to think he could fix it in a snap. Good luck.

350Z trasmission noise
You can hear this weird noise everytime you change a gear... The assistance already changed the gearbox unsuccesfully and now they don't know what to do...

vibration during acceleration
audi vibration low rpm-mid-high load

Common Noises Your Transmission Might Make
Dallas discusses some common noise that you may hear from your transmission and what you should about it. "Hello again. Dallas Council back from AAMCO Transmissions of Venice and today, I want to talk to you about some common symptoms and sounds that you may hear if you are experiencing a transmission failure. So with that, let's go and get started. If you start your car, put it in gear and it goes, "Graaaaaaaaa-kk!" that may be a transmission problem. If you start your car and it goes, "Wizzzzzzz-zzzzz," that also may be a transmission problem. If when you put your car in gear and give it gas, it goes, Vrooooooooom-Clunk that could also mean that you are having a transmission problem. If when you accelerate, your car goes Vvvvvvvoooooooo and doesn't move very fast, you may be experiencing a transmission problem. If when your car is shifting gears, it goes thddddddth, thddddddth you may be experiencing a transmission problem. If you're driving on the highway and you hear, "Whooooooo, whoo, whoooo," you are probably about to get a speeding ticket. The point of this video was to explain a few symptoms that you may experience if your transmission is failing but more to get the point across that transmissions fail in a variety of ways. There is no set of symptoms that you may experience. Sometimes, you may be experiencing a symptom or noise that you are certain is the transmission and indeed it's really not the transmission. And sometimes you may be experiencing a symptom that you are certain is not the transmission and it may be a transmission failure. With today's transmissions, they're all electronically controlled. They are very hard and can be very tricky to diagnose. Some problems may be minor and not very expensive at all and some problems may be major and be very, very expensive. The best thing to do in any case is to get your car to a specialist or a certified mechanic that will diagnose the car for you accurately because again, there is no common set of circumstances that make one failure major as opposed to one being minor. That can only be determined in real time by a real diagnosis. So again the point of this video was to really have a good time and make you laugh but also get the point across that transmissions fail in a variety of different ways. The most important thing is getting it diagnosed by a trained professional that will save you the most money and get you the best quality repair. So again, this is Dallas Council from AAMCO Transmissions of Venice. Hope you enjoyed and have a great day."