350z Rubbing Vibration Noise when Accelerating

Strange noise from 350z when accelerating... The beggining you can hear it well but when I put the camera on the dash it's very noticable.. You can hear the normal engine accelerating noise in the background and the hollow type strange noise over it all. Feels like it takes a performance hit too.

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Nissan 350z 3rd Gear Grind Transmission Problem
**LOOK BELOW** This is little video clip that I made before I drop off my car at the dealership. Hopefully they'll fix my transmission for free. This is 2003 Nissan 350z Track Edition. It grinds almost all the time when I shift into third gear normally and in order to shift without grinding, I have to shift really slow until my rpm drops causing my car to jerk. 2003 Nissan 350z - Gear Grind Transmission Problem. UPDATED Parts and labor cost came out to $2400.00 at a dealership. But it was covered under extended warranty. thank you.

Noise while accelerating
1983 mercedes-benz 300D turbo engine noise while accelerating.

1998 Toyota Camry LE Bad Piston Bearings/Rod Knock And Lucas Oil Additive
This 4 cylinder Camry developed an engine knock most likely Rod Bearings, but could also be a bent rod. Oil change revealed metal shavings in the oil. But the motor still starts and runs. We know this car received regular oil changes at higher than recommended intervals and was well maintained. It had just had the timing belt changed about two weeks before the problem started. We believe it is likely the infamous oil gel problem found in many Toyota engines. This is an attempt to reduce the noise or help in some way using Lucas Oil Additive and a High Mileage oil. But is 135K high mileage for this car? And could something this simple ever work?

Engine noise g35 vq35de 350z start up cold start rattle
anyone know what this startup noise could be? Only happens on cold starts, and goes right away. 03 G35 coupe 6mt with fully built motor and JWT twin turbo