Vario Big Airwolf

VARIO-HELICOPTER.DE A vario Big airwolf with an 11.5cc rossi glow engine and sky-fox mechanics. a noisy beast Also with additional scale accesories which are NOT included in the kit. rotor diameter 1740mm.

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Skymaster F-16 1/6 with Smoke! High Def!
WWW.JETSRC.COM A beautiful scale flight of an F-16 from Skymaster/ Beautiful camera work, cheers to the pilot, the cameraman, and of course Skymaster for a great movie! The model is fitted with optional scale accesories wich are NOT included with the standard kit. Firehawk UH60 turbine High Def,
WWW.SCALECOPTER.DE ULTRA REAL The first video of the new UH-60 powered by a jet turbine. This model is not on sale yet. The model is fitted with optional scale accesories wich are NOT included with the standard kit.

14.Heli Wintermeeting 2014, EC120 Vario-Helicopter elektrisch
EC120 von Peter Holtackers. 12S Elektro-Antrieb Dreiblattkopf mit 2,30m Rotordurchmesser ! Aus dem Neuheitenprogramm von Vario-Helicopter.

Vario Bell 412 R/C Helicopter Electric Conversion
The fuselage is a Vario Bell 412 painted in PHI (Petroleum Helicopters Inc) colors. Mechanics are Vario Skyfox custom-converted from a nitro engine to electric power. Motor is a Kohler Actro 32-4, battery pack is 12S LiPo, 4900mAH. To let the four-blade main rotor handle easily in forward flight and wind, a Helicommand gyro 'virtual flybar' is connected on the cyclic. Flying weight is somewhere between 16-19lbs. The slow windup of the rotor system is due almost entirely to the smart idea of leaving the original centrifugal clutch in the new electric drive train. Combined with the programmed slow start of the Castle Creations 85HV brushless motor electronic speed control and you now have a very close simulation to a true gas turbine start - without the gas turbine price tag. The electric conversion is a product of Unique Aircraft, owned and operated by master scale heli builder, Darrell Sprayberry.