2013 NINJA 300 Kawasaki_300 new 296 cc engine

New 296cc Engine Compact parallel-twin design offers good mass centralization for nimble handling • Tuned to deliver smooth, step-free power with excellent mid-range and high-rpm power for effective highway performance • New intake ports taper from 1mm wider at the throttle body to .5mm wider at the valve seats • New 23.6mm intake valves are 1mm larger than last year • New cam chain design reduces friction for increased power and efficiency • Revised 10.6:1 compression ratio allows the use of regular 87-octane unleaded gasoline and helps reduce operating temperatures • New lighter pistons reduce reciprocating weight and feature a hard anodized coating for reduced friction and increased performance at every rpm • Revised piston bottoms efficiently route cooling oil across underside of piston • New lighter piston pins reduce reciprocating weight and help preserve a high redline • New shorter connecting rods offset new longer crank throws • New sleeveless "open-deck" die-cast aluminum cylinders are 800 grams lighter and feature a friction-reducing "T-treatment" plating • New thicker crankshaft balancer webs help offset the new longer crank throws • New crank journal bearings are made from a stronger alloy for increased durability • New crank cases feature improved oil passages • New large-volume 2.4 liter oil pan features cooling fins and better ground clearance • New easy-to-access cartridge type spin-on oil filter helps simplify maintenance

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Ninja 300 hanging out with the big bikes!
-I'm actually a fairly shy/introverted person so I am both surprised and proud at myself for approaching this group. Very intimidating taking your little 35 horsepower 300 to a group of big bikes. But they were cool and didn't even care. Riding around doing nothing on May 3rd 2015 when I ran into a group of local riders. This was in the south coast Massachusetts. I had a lot of fun even though I did feel a bit out of place. Every bike there had at least 3-4 times the amount of power my bike had hahaha but the little 300 did surprisingly well. If anyone from this meet up or any other meet ups in the Mass area see this video please message me on how I can become a member of your group. I'd love to go on more rides!

Ninja 300 vs Ninja 1000
Matt and Heather test out Kawasaki's Special Edition Ninja 300 and 1000. Strap in for a road trip and some helpful facts.

My thoughts as a new rider of the Kawasaki Ninja 300 as a first bike
Like my Facebook page at http://facebook.com/EMTYX86 . Have a suggestion, question or video idea? Post it to my Facebook! Thank you for your support! In this video, I do a walk around of my 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS, and talk about my thoughts and opinions of it as a new rider. Is this a good choice for a first bike? Or are you better off with the Honda CBR500? You tell me. Here is a good article that compares the Ninja 300 to the CBR500: http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/comparisons/122_1307_honda_cbr500r_vs_kaw asaki_ninja_300/off_the_record.html Check out my review of the bike after riding it for 6 months! http://youtu.be/f-IpDdofWhg

Ninja 300 The Chase!!!
A simple trip on my lunch break turns into a high speed chase with an attempted murderer (allegedly). You dont try and ram bikers...EVER! Did i do the right thing? Tried to stay calm