Gravelrama 2010 #6 Hill Climb

Gravelrama 40 was held August 25-30 this year in Cleves, Ohio outside of Cincinnati. The East Coast 4 Wheel Drive Association event includes rock crawling, bracket sand drag racing, class sand drag racing, uphill drag racing, pea gravel hill climb, obstacle course, and even a parade through town. The hill climb is a fan favorite and didn't disappoint this year with well over two hundred runs.

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Season 8 Show 4 The Hillbilly Proud Off Road Show
Season 8 Show 4 of "The Hillbilly Proud Off Road Show!" features the Lewis County Fair Mud Bog from Jackson's Mill, WV July 2013, the Jackson County Junior Fair Truck Pull from Cottageville, WV July 2013, Loftis Mud Race and Hill n Hole from Sissonville, WV September 2012, and the HDMP Mud Bog from Laurelville, OH September 2012.

Truck Pull #5 Jackson County Fair, WV July 27, 2013
Hillbilly Proud headed back to Jackson County Junior Fair in Cottageville, WV from 7-25-13 to 7-27-13 for Speed Pit Mud Racing, Deep Pit Mud Bogging, and Truck and Semi Pulling action. Jackson County has built the biggest agricultural fair in the state, and we believe they have the biggest fair in WV with their motorsports too. From Thursday to Saturday there was a huge crowd on the hill side and plenty of mud trucks, rails, pulling trucks, and semis there to challenge the tracks and pits. We had a great time as usual and appreciate all of their hospitality.

Tug o War Boulder Bash 2012
We had a blast at Boulder Bash on April 1, 2012 in Berryville, Virginia. Hillbilly Proud covered the truck tug o war, the rock racing, kids bicycle race, and the burn out competition. There was also an RC competition and lawn mower races that day.

Season 1 Show 3 The Hillbilly Proud Off Road Show
NO MUSIC VERSION HERE Gravelrama Hill Climb 2008 / WE ROCK Rock Crawling 2008. Show 3 of Series 1 of "The Hillbilly Proud Off Road Show!" features the drag racers taking on the pea gravel hill climb at Gravelrama in Cleves, OH and rock crawlers attacking the WE ROCK courses in Pennsylvania. Gravelrama is held every year and features sand drag racing, rock crawling, obstacle course, hill climb, and up hill drag racing among other events. The first season was a reworking of the three DVD set "Go Truck Go." While very much like the DVD, changes were made so it would fit into the 13 episode TV show format. One change was how the music was used. "Go Truck Go" featured one disc with no music, one with Rock music, and one with Bluegrass and Country. The idea was to have something for everyone. For the show the music was rearranged so that the Rock, Bluegrass/Country, and no music videos would appear throughout the series on the same shows. Another change was cutting out some of the DVDs, which were longer than the 13 episode series.