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Jaguar's iconic E-Type sports car was first presented to the public at the Geneva Auto Salon in 1961. When it was introduced, the E-type with its long low hood and what many see as its voluptuous curves was an immediate sensation.Incorporating many features from Jaguar's successful D-type race car, the E-type's straight six engine produced 269 hp and a top speed of almost 240 km/h. In 1971, the popular two seater was revamped, and became available with a V-12. The last ones were built in 1974, and today a well-preserved specimen can cost up to 100,000 Euros.

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Jaguar E Type
My E-type starting from a cold engine.

Old Top Gear - Jaguar E-Type

Real Drivers: Jaguar E-Types (Series I and Series II)
See more at . It may have been too snowy for driving footage last Friday, but that didn't stop some great shots of Rob Tobia's two Jaguar E-Types. The cars are in fantastic condition, though as you can tell from the blue car, they are always works in progress. This interview is the first in what may become a series; if you want to see more, let me know in the comments. The music is Stefano Mocini's "The Segrets [sic] of the Earth," used under a Creative Commons Commercial Use license.