INDIAN RAILWAYS :-- 16530 Bangalore - Mumbai Udyan Express at 80.

KJM WDP-4 #20040 in LHF mode rips through Thane with the 16530 SBC - CSTM Udyan Express at its tow.

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Scary - Furious low angle skipping show – Off-link Udyan Express
Off-link powered, Ex. Ernakulam - Erode (ED) twin WDM-3A # 16668 & 16462 speeding with SBC/Bangalore City Junction - CSTM/Mumbai CST - 11302 Udyan Express skipping Bhivpuri Road, Neral Junction and Vangani at some descent speed which I’ve captured at low angle by sitting down on door. It was scary to see station skipping at such low angle. Date & Time: 9-Jan-15, 6:05 PM - 6:09 PM - 6:15 PM

The KJM WDP4# 20021 hauling the 6530 Udyan Express makes it's grand impression felt at Neral-Bhivpuri Road section with it's blower sounds and horns too. Video by Arzan Kotval

SOLAR powered TRAINS : Indian Railways (Trials)
The next time you travel by train your coach is likely to be powered by the Solar Panels for supplying power to the Lights, fans, Air Conditioners , charging points etc. Indian Railways is planning to come out with a solar policy for procuring 1000 MW solar power in the next five years. The clear motive of the project is to cut down on the Railways’ fuel bill, which is the second-largest component of expenditure after the employee salaries for the cash-strapped government. The solar panels generate about 17 units of power in a day which enables the lighting system in the coach. According to studies, a train using solar power can reduce diesel consumption by up to 90,000 liters per year and can also bring down the carbon dioxide emission by over 200 tonnes. The generation of solar supply will help railways saving in diesel consumption due to reduced running of diesel generators to power supply coaches as seen in the video. The Integral Coach Factory, in collaboration with the Divecha Centre for Climate Change at the Indian Institute of Science from Bangalore have been conducting trial run of solar panels installed atop a special Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) Prototype coach .The special sleeper class LHB coach fitted with two flexible solar panels of 180 Watt each, matching the exact curved shape of the coach'es rooftops, at the ICF. Researcher's M Shravanth Vasisht and Vashishta Ademane have been travelling on board with the equipment to record the real-time data of solar power generated every minute. Dr Sheela Ramasesha of IISc said, “A scientific analysis is necessary to prove the feasibility of such trains and frame guidelines.” On evaluation of trial results and cost benefit analysis, further study of economic viability will be undertaken by the Railways . Researcher Shravanth Vasisht from IISc can be seen waving on board the Solar Coach. © The Rail Zone 2015

In the fading evening light, rock solid KJM WDP-4# 20062 with 16530 Bangalore City Mumbai Cst Udyan Express comes out of the rock cutting, snakes down the massive gradient slowly, passes through Palasdhari station and in the end curves its way towards Karjat. Camera : SONY HDR PJ50E Date: 01/01/2012 Time: 18:05hrs Location: Palasdhari, Bhore Ghats, Central Railway, Maharashtra, Asia India Video Size: 450MB