INDIAN RAILWAYS :-- 16530 Bangalore - Mumbai Udyan Express at 80.

KJM WDP-4 #20040 in LHF mode rips through Thane with the 16530 SBC - CSTM Udyan Express at its tow.

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Superb Honking Udyan Express
DATE:- 26/01/2012 TIME:- 19:00 PM LOCATION:- THANE first time i captured WDP4 16530 Udyan Express came bang on time...with high honking

The MOST DANGEROUS and EXTREME RAILWAYS in the World!! Compilation of Incredible Train Journeys!!
This list consists 12 of the most dangerous and extreme railways in the world!!From railways That deep gorges and near vertical descents, to a 100 year old railway bridge built on sea. These are some of the most amazing, unbelievable and incredible railway routes around the world. These Railways offer daring experience to those who ride them.The Trains needs to pass through the most dangerous railroads along their journey. However, one can enjoy the scenic beauty while travelling on them. =================================================================== SUBSCRIBE US HERE: Like us on FB : =================================================================== The Most Dangerous Railways featured in this list are : Maeklong Railway, Thailand: This Railways passes through the congested maeklong market in Thailand. Nariz del diablo, Ecuador : Considered most difficult train journey, the railway passed through tight cliffs and climbs steep altitudes. Pamban Bridge, India : the trains has to pass through this breathtaking 100 year old sea bridge still operating. Bangladesh Railways : Considered most overcrowded railways in the world where roof riding is a common sight. Burma Railway : Constructed during world war II using forced labor, Many workers (prisoners of war) died due to rough conditions thus earning nickname 'Death Railway' Ferro carril Central Andino, Peru : Second Highest Railway in the World Running through the Andes. Indian railways : World's most busiest Railway, more than 25,000 people die annually on India's railways White pass & Yokon Route, Alaska : Built during Klondike Gold rush. This route boasts incredible sceneries. Gokteik Viaduct, Myanmar : Highest railway trestle in the world. Pilatus Railway, Switzerland : This Most steepest cogway railway offers incredible Sceneries. Tren a las nubes, Argentina : The train Passes through dangerous curves and high bridges. Gelmerbahn Funicular, Switzerland : Almost feels like a roller-coaster ride! ===============================CREDITS============================== Short clips not more than 10 seconds are used from the following videos under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'FAIR-USE' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Those videos are : Shubroto shikdar------ Woodenarrows---------- Roque Jimenez--------- Loosli Hermann-------- Sanjay Borra---------- The RailTechie-------- fumafilm-https-------- amateurcameraman----- DISCLAIMER :If you are the owner of any above mentioned videos and want your clip to be removed, Please inbox us and your video will be removed. The rest of the videos used are under 'CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE' and are allowed for re-use. Those videos are : rleunissen----------- Luciana Junqueira---- Saw Zayar Hlaing----- Ministerio de Turismo Ecuador------ Christian Valade-------- Hardik Patel-------- Channel MMJ-------- ClausRXN-------- EddyWebber-------- Alexander Wood-------- Cornishpastyman-------- Fabio Campo-------- Maciek Roszkowski-------- ASOLTEC-------- Patrick Nouhailler-------- Peter K-------- Kurt Hofstetter-------- takyvlaky-------- ===================================================================== MUSIC : Essence by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: Fly high-Gunnar olsen Phases-Silent Partner

Udyan Express departs from Yadgir!
The 16530 Bangalore-Mumbai Udyan Express departs from Yadgir after its scheduled halt. The loco in lead was Krishnarajapuram's WDP-4 #20067 Date : 15th Dec 2010 Time : 7:08 AM

High Speed Indian Railways Compilation: 40 of the Best!
In India, high speed trains have become synonymous with Rajdhanis and Shatabdis, and in the last 3 years, Durontos. This compilation attempts to go beyond these well-established high speed trains and documents furious displays of speeds from the lesser known trains in India. All of the trains featured in this documentary have their Maximum Permissible Speeds limited to 110 kmph (approximately 69 mph). However, they make up for the lack of speed vis-à-vis the Rajdhanis, Shatabdis, and Durontos through their sheer aggression, resulting in some high speed encounters. This video is a compilation of the top 40 speedster encounters experienced by me over the past 4 years, covering 10 out of the 16 zones of Indian Railways. There has been a concerted effort in making this compilation as diverse as possible, in terms of locomotives featured, and region of capture. Thus, WAP4s from various sheds such as Howrah, Santragachhi, Erode, Bhusawal, Lallaguda, Royapuram, Mughal Sarai and Vadodara are featured. This is in addition to actions including WDM3As and WDM3Ds, WAP7s, WAM4s, WDP4s, and one each of WCAM3, WCAM2P, WCAM1, WDG3 and WDM2 locomotives. In chronological order of appearance in the video, the trains, the locomotives featured and location of capture are: 1. Chennai Mail with Santragachhi WAP4, Brahmapur-Palasa, Orissa. 2. Tiruchendur Chennai Egmore Express, Golden Rock WDM2, Chennai Egmore-Villupuram, Tamil Nadu. 3. Kalinga Utkal Express (wrongly classified in video as Hirakud apologies), Tatanagar WAM4, Chakradharpur-Rourkela, Orissa. 4. Saraighat Express Siliguri WDP4, Bardhaman-Howrah, West Bengal. 5. Chennai Central Hyderabad Express, Lallaguda WAP4, Chennai Central-Gudur, Andhra Pradesh. 6. Malda Howrah Intercity Express, Howrah WDM3, Bolpur-Bardhaman, West Bengal. 7. Sachkhand Express, WAP7, Agra Cantt-Gwalior, Uttar Pradesh. 8. Tamil Nadu Express, Bhusawal WAP4, Chennai Centra-Gudur, Tamil Nadu. 9. Deccan Queen Express, Kalyan WCAM3, Lonavala-Kalyan, Maharashtra. 10. Howrah Bhopal Express, Howrah WDM3, Bardhaman-Howrah, West Bengal. 11. Purushottam Express, Mughal Sarai WAP4, Gaya-Dhanbad, Jharkhand. 12. Pune Indore Express, Valsad WCAM2P, Lonavala-Pune, Maharashtra. 13. Tamil Nadu Sampark Kranti Express, Arakkonam WAP1, Gudur-Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. 14. Kolkata Amritsar Express, Howrah WAP4, Durgapur-Bardhaman, West Bengal. 15. Coimbatore LTT Express, Krishnarajapuram WDP4, Lonavala-Pune, Maharashtra 16. Sanghamitra Express, Itarsi WAM4, Chennai Centra-Gudur, Tamil Nadu. 17. Kerala Exp, Erode WAP4, Bina-Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. 18. Saraighat Express, Howrah WDM3, Bolpur-Bardhaman, West Bengal. 19. Tirupati Puri Express, WAP1, Vizianagram-Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. 20. Hatia Patna Intercity Express, Mughal Sarai WAP4, Gaya-Dhanbad, Jharkhand. 21. Puri Kamakhya Express, Andal WDM3 (wrongly classified as Kharagpur WDM3 in the video -- my apologies), Howrah-Kharagpur, West Bengal. 22. Bhilad Vadodara Express, Valsad WCAM1, Borivalli-Surat, Gujarat. 23. Sabari Express, Erode WAP4, Kollam-Trivandrum, Kerala. 24. Secunderabad Guwahati Express, Lucknow WDM3, Bardhaman-Howrah, West Bengal 25. Pallavan Express, Royapuram WAP4, Chennai Egmore-Villupuram, Tamil Nadu. 26. Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express, WAP7, Bina-Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. 27. Malda Howrah Intercity Express Howrah WDM3, Bolpur-Bardhaman, West Bengal 28. Udyan Express, Krishnarajapuram WDP4, Lonavala-Kalyan, Maharashtra. 29. Dadar Bikaner Express, Vadodara WAP4, Borivalli-Surat, Gujarat. 30. Howrah Bhopal Express, Howrah WDM3, Bardhaman-Howrah, West Bengal 31. Pinakini Express, Lallaguda WAP7, Gudur-Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. 32. Falaknuma Express, Santragachhi WAP4, Howrah-Kharagpur, West Bengal. 33. Thirukkural Express, Royapuram WAP1, Chennai Egmore-Villupuram, Tamil Nadu. 34. Santragachhi Nanded Express, Bhusawal WAM4, , Kharagpur-Howrah, West Bengal. 35. Parasuram Express, Erode WDM3, Kollam-Trivandrum, Kerala. 36. Shipra Express, Howrah WAP4, Bardhaman-Howrah, West Bengal. 37. Chennai Central Mumbai CST Express, Kazipet WDG3, Lonavala-Kalyan, Maharashtra. 38. Dehradun/Chandigarh Madurai Express, Arakkonam WAM4, Katpadi-Jolarpettai, Tamil Nadu. 39. Kumbha Express, HWH WDM3, Durgapur, West Bengal. 40. Prashanti Express, WAP4, Brahmapur-Palasa, Andhra Pradesh. The video is dedicated to all the loco-pilots and running staff of Indian Railways, whose wonderful handling of these trains make such compilations possible.