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INDIAN RAILWAYS :-- 16530 Bangalore - Mumbai Udyan Express at 80.

KJM WDP-4 #20040 in LHF mode rips through Thane with the 16530 SBC - CSTM Udyan Express at its tow.


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Udyan Express departs from Yadgir!
The 16530 Bangalore-Mumbai Udyan Express departs from Yadgir after its scheduled halt. The loco in lead was Krishnarajapuram's WDP-4 #20067 Date : 15th Dec 2010 Time : 7:08 AM

Indian Railways 2014 : Best Moments
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- My Pages Natarajan C - https://www.facebook.com/Natarajancphotography?ref=hl Indian railroads - https://www.facebook.com/NCSIndianRailroads?ref=hl My Blog - http://trainjourneysofnatarajan.blogspot.in/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------- Best moments of 2014 in terms of railfanning for me.. Hope you all like it.. :) Also Watch Best moments of 2012 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoKCkdD4ehA Best moments of 2013 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAduAYfM7po

SWR's UDYAN EXPRESS - Bangalore to Pune...
30th June / 1st July 2013 Last run of 16530 Bangalore Mumbai Udyan Express. The train was transferred to CR from 1st July. Loco was KJM WDP4B #40018. Video covers my journey from Bangalore to Pune in the order mentioned below.. 1. Departing from Bangalore city. 2. Departing from Bangalore cantt. 3. Crossing AJJ WAM4 #21320 with Chennai Hubli express at BYPL/ Baiyapanahalli, 4. Approaching CSDR/ Chennasandra. 5. Early morning run through Yadalapur. 6. Pune Secunderabad Shatabdi Express led by Pune WDM3D #11387 crossing at Dudhani. 7. Departing from Solapur. 8. Accelerating through Pakani after a temporary caution order.. 9. Overtaking a freight train led by UBL WDG4 twins.. 10. Approaching Jeur.. 11. passing the water bodies near Washimbe.. 12. CR's 11301 Udyan Express led by KJM WDP4 #20030 meets SWR's Udyan Express at Jinti road.. 13. Parallel entry into Pune with Kolhapur Mumbai Koyna led by KJM WDp4B #40016 and the empty rake of Gyan Ganga Express led by Pune WDM2 #17936..

High Speed Premium Trains of Indian Railways

Beautiful Bangalore Mysore Line
The video starts with Tuticorin Mysore Express led by ED WDM-2 gliding through Nayandahalli.. Then WDM-2 shows its true power as we blast through Hejjala.. Then we move out of Ramanagaram and cross Arkavati river.. The double track ends here.. Then we slow down as we approach Channapatna..... After departing from Channapatna we cruise through the fields.. the doubling work done till now can be seen... We slow down as we enter Mandya Station.... Again we zoom through greenery after departing from Mandya and also pass Yeliyur station... Then we pass Loka pavani Bridge.... Then we enter the beautiful Srirangapatna.. we cross both the Kaveri bridge as well.... we finally enter Mysore outer and pass goods yard.. then we meet the Hassan Mysore line... Then we pass the poor YDM-4 getting eaten by overgrowth.. Then we see the MG coaches being broken down as the train enters the platform of Mysore Junction... Date: 02/10/10 Location: Between Bangalore and Mysore Camera : Canon IXUS 120 IS

A madly honking KJM WDP4 #20056 blasts past me with the Mumbai-SBC Udyan express ....... it was my favourite video on the independence day RF ........... just loved the way the BOSS blasted past me ....... you can see my friend Rohit standing right close to the train when it passed him .......... Location : just outside Rajankunte station Camera : Canon IXUS 130 IS

16529 Bangalore City bound , Mumbai CSTM - SBC Udyan Express hauled by namma KJM WDP-4 20059 EMD ascends the Bhor ghats along with WAG-7 Kalyan Bankers helping the train to climb up the ghats . Udyan Express is one of the three trains connecting Bombay, the financial capital of India to the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore. It is one of the important trains operated by the South Western Railway which operates on a daily basis. It generally gets the best locomotives that the infrastructure can support. This train has been numbered as 16529/16530 and hence falls under the South Western Railways with its maintenance being performed at Bangalore. The train has good housekeeping services on board due to which trained personnel clean the compartments at regular intervals. The train has been named as the "Udyan Express" since Bangalore is a green city. The word "Udyan" means a garden in Sanskrit, Hindi and Marathi. It is aptly named as the Udyan Express since Bangalore is known to be dotted with many public and private gardens. The Udyan Express covers 1153 kilometres between Bombay and Bangalore. The journey lasts 24 hours 50 minutes as the train passes through Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh before pulling into Bangalore City Junction. It is interesting to note that the train enters Karnataka, enters Andhra Pradesh and enters Karnataka again after crossing Hindupur. The Udyan Express is one of the best trains since it covers the scenic Sahyadri mountain ranges between Karjat and Lonavla, which are also known as the Bhore Ghats during the day in both directions. The Bombay--Bangalore Udyan Express also passes through the illustrious Makalidurga Ghats near Bangalore, which is marked by sharp curves. The Udyan Express, being one of the important trains of the South Western Railway, is generally hauled by a single WDP4 or WDP4B, one of the most prestigious Indian Railway locomotives which are presently homed at Krishnarajapuram, a suburb of Bangalore. In the absence of either of the locomotives, the train is hauled by a pair of twin WDG3As Shot at Palashdhari , entrance to the Bhor Ghats

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

INDIAN RAILWAYS :-- Half an hour late running 12533 Pushpak Superfast Express
Delayed by 30 mins, 12533 Lucknow - Mumbai CST Pushpak Express skips Thane at a decent speed of 70 Km/hr, just 34 Kms short of its destination. Customary KYN WCAM-3 #21936 doing the honors.

99 in 1 !! INDIAN RAILWAYS TRAINS VIDEOS MEGA COMPILATION Huge compilation of Indian Railways trains covering various types of locomotives and trains . Watch electric locos of Indian Railways like WAP4 , WAP5 , WAP7 , WAG9 , WAG7 etc . And diesel locos classes WDM3A , WDP4B , WDP4D , WDG4 , WDG3A , WDM3D , WDS6 etc . I have included trains like WAP5 12002 Bhopal Shatabdi Express , DEE YPR Duronto Express , Tamil Nadu express , Karnataka Express , Kerala Express , AP aka Andhra Pradesh express , Punjab Mail , GKP LTT LHB Hybrid superfast , Kolkata Mail , Pawan Express , Karnataka Sampark Kranti express , APSK , Chattisgarh Express , Kushinagar express and some freight train videos too .

Entering Pune Jn - Udyan Express
FB - https://www.facebook.com/NCSIndianRailroads?ref=hl# 30th Septemer 2013 Bangalore Mumbai udyan Express led by KJM WDP4B #40036 enters Pune junction. Kolhapur Mumbai Koyna Express can be een waiting to enter Pune led by KJM WDP4 #20027 and Pune WDM2 #017575 shunting.. Camera : Canon SX30 IS

Consecutive numbered WDM-3D pair blasting at MPS with Udyan Express!!
Date: Saturday, 2nd August 2014. Time: 11:23 AM. Location: Pimpri station, Lonavala-Pune section of CR. Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-35. Finally the wait is over, i captured one of my favorite liveried ALCos from SCR, Gooty Diesel Loco Shed. Seen here is bang on time running 11301 Mumbai CST-Bengaluru Udyan Express curving into crowded Pimpri station and blasting towards Pune at 100Kmph with a super offlink GY WDM-3D #11114+11115 in charge, regular link is a KJM WDP-4/4B. Special thanks to Arzan Kotwal and Raj Bhavsar for informing me about this offlink. :)

EMD Mutes ALCO's Chugging.....
Kacheguda Yesavntpur Express led by KJM WDP-4 mutes the Chugging sound of GTL WDM-2 waiting in the loop line with Yesvantpur Vijaywada Passenger... Camera : CANON SX30 IS..

SBC Rajdhani Races with Udyan & Accelerates thru Yelahanka
May 2012. Trains: 12493 Bangalore/SBC - Delhi/NZM Rajdhani Express and 16530 Bangalore/SBC - Mumbai/CSTM Udyan Express. Locomotives: Kazipet/KZJ WDM3A 18822 for Rajdhani and Krishnarajapuram/KJM WDP4 20038. Location: Yelahanka station/YNK. Camera: Canon EOS 550D. We were supposed to reach YPR by 1730hrs. but even at 2115hrs, we were still at YNK. That was how much our BZA-YPR Passenger was delayed that day. :/ Seen here is KZJ's dirty WDM3A entering Yelahanka from the Yesvantpur line with the now-LHB Bangalore Rajdhani, and accelerating through the station while KJM WDP4 enters from the Channasandra line with the Udyan Express.

This is one of the biggest shocker I never expected shooting my 300th upload , it was always my wish to go Karjat - Lonavala to capture Udyan Express with Bankers but now I don't have to go that far at all !!! Unexpectedly, I happened to see the train running info and spotted Udyan running late by 1hour 30 mins today (23rd July 2012) . Speculations arises, chances of a off-link, as usual got to my adda (BNC Outer) with my cam to capture the SWR's pride, a little disappointed at first looking at the usual KJM WDP-4 still kept my cam rolling with absolutely no hope at all, as I zoom towards the Train board thats when I realized the EMD humming and for my surprise I discovered 2 Live GOOTY bankers attached at the rare end. I was stunned for a second at what I was seeing !!! This is one of the rarest scene ever and I feel I am the luckiest one to capture this rarest action , Udyan coming to Bangalore with Bankers action !!! Later got to know KJM WDP-4 had some technical issues and a Freight train had to sacrifice its EMD's for Udyan!!!

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