INDIAN RAILWAYS :-- 16530 Bangalore - Mumbai Udyan Express at 80.

KJM WDP-4 #20040 in LHF mode rips through Thane with the 16530 SBC - CSTM Udyan Express at its tow.

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Monsoon Delight - Dadar to Lonavala Journey onboard Mumbai Cst Bangalore Udyan Express
Just Sit Back, Watch and Enjoy the couple of high speed station skips (Kurla & Thane) and beautiful Western Ghat range (from Neral to Karjat & from Karjat to Lonavala called as Bhor Ghat ) onboard 11301 Mumbai Cst Bengaluru City/Bangalore City Udyan Express. I wanted to capture all 23 tunnels on Karjat - Lonavala ghat section but I had to stop midway since waterfall was happening and would be dangerous for my camera. In some tunnels, its hazy since not only it was dark but Diesel Locomotive (KJM WDP-4# 20054) was puffing out some smoke. If you want to have a look at 23 Tunnels of Karjat - Lonavala Ghat section, please have a look at this below video link Camera: SONY HDR PJ50E

EMD Vs ALCo INDIAN RAILWAYS Freight Train beauty
P.S There are 2 separate Freight trains captured in this Video. Enjoy the beautiful view of 2 Freight trains back to back conquering the lush green Makali Ghats located on the Bangalore - Mumbai Rail route about 60 KM away from Bangalore. The first freight train is hauled by twin WDG-4 Electromotive Diesel Locomotives with a Horse Power of 4500 HP each.Enjoy the notching sounds of the EMD hauling a long rake of Cement carrying wagons as it gracefully curves into the ghats which is restricted to 50 KM/H Speed for freight trains. The second freight train is hauled by the ever green Twin WDG-3A ALCo's with a horse power of 3100 HP each hauling a brown BCNA wagon.The chugging duos conquer the ghats with utmost grace. So are you going with the EMD or ALCo ??

Indian Railways Vs Pakistan Railways # 2
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High Speed Premium Trains of Indian Railways