LEGO Motorized Kenworth W900 Rotator

My Lego model of Kenworth W900 Rotator tow truck. More at:

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LEGO MAN TGS Dump Truck with trailer and instructions
Fully motorized model of dump truck with trailer. Instructions available at For more pictures visit:

Lego rotator tow truck wrecker 2
Made a few changes, lowered the sleeper roof slightly to bring it more into proportion with the rest of the truck, changed the Exhaust stacks, again to keep a more realistic proportion, slightly altered the roof bar lights, changed the front grille and added a central turntable to the booms, allowing them both to face the same direction while still being independant.

LEGO Technic Motorized MAN TGS Tow Truck
Fully functionall model of european heavy tow truck. With recovery body based on Omars 120T. For pictures visit:

Lego Technics Semi Truck Time Lapse Build
Assembling a motorized Lego semi tractor from scratch.