Opel Calibra z32se + Holset Hx55 #1

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Opel Calibra z32se + Holset Hx55 #2 low boost test

Opel Calibra Turbo Grobnik 2016 Bulicic

705WHP Maxxtuning RWD Calibra Turbo 2.0 16v C20LET on dyno
705WHP RWD converted with BMW Drivetrain. Opel 2.0 16v C20LET engine. Garett GT4094R 1.15 turbo 2,7bar Boost. E85 This is NOT final power curve. Today this little engine produces around 900HP. Website: http://www.maxxtuning.se/index.php?id=70

Spring burnout Opel corsa
Running on gasoline. A bit too rich on fuel at the moment. Throttlewire came of during the first burnout.