Shift 2 Unleashed - All Works Cars Garage - 1080p HD

Showing the full garage with all of the Works converted cars in Shift 2 Unleashed. This excludes limited edition and DLC cars.

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NFS SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED - Nissan Skyline GTR R34 - Laguna Seca - 1080p HD

NFS Shift 2 Unleashed: Dragster Top Fuel 1/4 mile in 6.086 seconds and 0 - 478 kmh in 13 seconds
Link: html Yes, a freaking Dragster Top Fuel add-on car mod for Shift 2 Unleashed that is purely designed and meant for drag racing. With insane grip and acceleration finishing a 1/4 mile drag in 6.086 seconds, smoking it's competitor. On the top speed Standing mile side, it went from 0 to it's top speed of 478 kmh in 13 seconds! This video also features a car light mod where car headlights are turned on during the day, an extra cool feature that looks nice during replays. (Although it don't have any headlights) Played against 7 A.I with hard difficulty. Traction Control and Stability Management are off with ABS on. Steering wheel use is Logitech Momo Force Feedback. Performance Index is 2630. No upgrades or tuning adjustments except gear ratio. We have race car mods, trucks, supercars, street cars or everyday car add-on mods. And now an add-on mod for drag racing. Now the game has a great variety of car selections and mods to choose from. Although I don't know why this Dragster Top Fuel is using the Viper engine sound. Also the car likes to bounce... and the front wheels look like bicycle wheels. Here is a compilation of the current S2U add-on car mods (20/05/2012). Latest compilation part 2, (13/06/2012) Part 3, (21/07/2012) Part 4, (20/08/2012) Part 5, (16/09/2012) Credits to those who created this add-on car model. I do not own this mod. Download link Enjoy.

Shift 2 Unleashed All Cars Speed Test and Crashes Part 4
13 cars this time. I noticed that the speed and acceleration algorithms were not working properly, so the car stats are a bit wrong. Also sorry that I haven't uploaded in a while (I had a crapload of homework) NOTE: all cars are sorted by original unaltered price.

Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed - Test / Review von [reupload]
► Test zu Shift 2: Unleashed mit Wertung auf Im Test-Video zum Rennspiel Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed zeigen wir, ob der Entwickler Slightly Mad die Serie in die richtige Richtung weiterentwickelt. Mehr zu Shift 2: Unleashed auf GameStar auf Facebook: GameStar bei Twitter: