mustang wreck crash gt tribute 1989 fox body split car in 2 on telephone pole

Long time ago now crash isn't relevant anymore all better now same wasn't hauling ass, but wasnt doing 45 and not weaving in and out like some like to speculate, paid more that what I got, and hurt worse because i bought car to sell, paint job today would be called "WET WET" HOOD was NOT PAINTED just drilled and stuck on

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2013 f150 power windows dont work
F150 power windows wont go up or down drove me crazy without schematic really never seen relay bad relay on newer vehicles

Mend atv brake level glass eye master cylinder for 10¢
All credit to Raymond it works on Chinese atvs and dirtbikes , owner wanted to fix as cheap as possible, it didnt leak a drop for the 2 weeks i had it

Gmc envoy dies no start bad fuse box
Gmc denali envoy would start and run 45 min then die and not start again for 24 hours r&r fuse box now starts everytime

Hard brakes f150 smoke test no vacuum at booster
Newer ford hard no no brakes was getting no vacuum Booster help