mustang wreck crash gt tribute 1989 fox body split car in 2 on telephone pole

Long time ago now crash isn't relevant anymore all better now same wasn't hauling ass, but wasnt doing 45 and not weaving in and out like some like to speculate, paid more that what I got, and hurt worse because i bought car to sell, paint job today would be called "WET WET" HOOD was NOT PAINTED just drilled and stuck on

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No bus No bu5
Some one tried almost everything plugs wires cap rotor coil but still owner said would shut off I found low fuel pressure, on test drive I discovered how much trouble having a dodge could be, I mean it would turn off right in middle of traffic or at stop sign sometimes within a minute others 10 20 min apart and discovered actual problem of no bus I tried cam and crank sensors not much better, I even tried and unplugging everything on 5vref circuit iac transmission everything and i stillwouldn't get 5v when it would turn off best route was ecm from autozone came programmed and came in faster than was quoted oreillys needed programming and would throes brake light and codes

Chevrolet 5.3 vortec bad collapsed lifter afm vlom engine misfire 2008
Had Very bad miss Had came from another shop with new plug and coil which didn't help New vlom manifold New head gaskets New guides New afm lifters New headbolts And update ecm Buy only gm parts from dealer if it was easier to job maybe aftermarket would be worth gamble but do the job once and be done:) Very straight forward job

Ford edge water in oil bad water pump test
Pressure testing ford edge with oil drain plug removed to diagnose chocolate oil being over full and antifreeze missing , luckily no engine damage but I wouldn't move an edge with a bad water pump more than getting it into a bay

Program 2012 gm key fob
Tried new battery but didn't work needed programming