mustang wreck crash gt tribute 1989 fox body split car in 2 on telephone pole

Long time ago now crash isn't relevant anymore all better now same wasn't hauling ass, but wasnt doing 45 and not weaving in and out like some like to speculate, paid more that what I got, and hurt worse because i bought car to sell, paint job today would be called "WET WET" HOOD was NOT PAINTED just drilled and stuck on

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No bus No bu5
Some one tried almost everything plugs wires cap rotor coil but still owner said would shut off I found low fuel pressure, on test drive I discovered how much trouble having a dodge could be, I mean it would turn off right in middle of traffic or at stop sign sometimes within a minute others 10 20 min apart and discovered actual problem of no bus I tried cam and crank sensors not much better, I even tried and unplugging everything on 5vref circuit iac transmission everything and i stillwouldn't get 5v when it would turn off best route was ecm from autozone came programmed and came in faster than was quoted oreillys needed programming and would throes brake light and codes, the reason for the video is for quick easy diagnosis if u don't have to manipulate anything and tapping computer makes relays click and the no bus go away it's the computer. one guy would tie wrap and twist the connectors at computer and it would fire up, but still couldnt figure why it still cut off he even put junkyard connector on convinced it was it but nothing changed until new computer

2010 cobalt P0973 came in no over drive or first I didn't want to do the job because I don't work on transmissions but I knew low = short and also that I wouldn't guarantee something else isn't jamming and shorting the solenoid but it seems to be doing fine, it's pretty a labor intensive job but all data shows it a 7.1 hrs and it's pretty straight forward but I wouldn't try it at home

Dodge neon Rough idle car vibrates how to tell if bad motor mount
Neon came in very rough idle, new plugs barely helped I found a cut at TB with a smoke machine, dash would shake like crazy worse with ac on. New side motor mount solved dash vibrating and rough idle

Gmc envoy dies no start bad fuse box
Gmc denali envoy would start and run 45 min then die and not start again for 24 hours r&r fuse box now starts every time I found the O2 sensors both were rubbing their heat flashing a bad oil pressure sensor also filled the loom with oil so check that the computer connector isn't full of oil , and the end my wife found a baby mouse