Unboxing my 1:18 Hummer H1

A white hummer that I needed to buy,reason: Because the other one that I have now I had broken the wheels off it buy stepping on it, This happened in February 2011. But it's fixed now, Im not selling nor bidding this off on Ebay or anyother site so dont ask me. There will be a model reveiw on it later on so keep in touch. Message me any personal messages if you want. I ordered a Yellow 1:18 scale H1 soft top by Maisto also. The white one cost $10.00, with shipping and handling it was about $16.00 to $17.00, The Yellow one was $10.00'salos so and will be about $20.00 with shipping and handling. Im also NOT sellling NOR bidding the Yellow one off and they dont happen to even make these two anymore in the diecast world. I got them both from Ebay. SUBSCIBE LIKE AND ALSO COMMET, Thank's for the feed back.

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Review of 1/18 Hummer by Maisto
Here I take a look at the AM General Hummer produced by Maisto. It features excellent detail with poor quality materials.

[Unboxing] AUTOart Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 1
Here we go again, as I set about to take delivery of my first AUTOart Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 in 1:18 scale. The colour might be a little surprising, but I always liked the extraordinary. Where

Maisto tech Monster Drift Review
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Hummer H1's on Potato Salad
Hummer H1's up Potato Salad. Black Sheep Hummer Squadron and Hummer4x4offroad.com met up in the most beautiful city in the world. Many people will refer this to a pilgramage as we all can't wait to get to get to Moab. Ask any off roader out there what places you should go in your life time and most of the time they will tell you Moab. Please enjoy this video as we have enjoyed out trip. Rate, Favorite and comment!