Honda S2000 vs Acura TSX

Again... just for fun me and my friend. My S2K all stock vs. TSX w/ Exhaust and suspension.. we did a mistake, i launch in second gear and he in third, but was ok... =)

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TSX vs 350z
350z got him out of the whole and took it the whole way down. Kinda suprised to becuase those TSX arent slouches... usually anyway.

Gsr vs Tsx
just for fun, a quick run with my friend on the highway. me in the Gsr, had 2 extra ppl in my car and tsx had 1 extra person.

Acura TSX vs Lexus IS 300
Acura Honked it off. Lexus gets out hard. Got the front tires off the ground.

tc vs tsx quickrun
tc vs tsx injen intake for both and skunk2 Exhaust 4 tsx and greddy 4 tc