94'civic coupe grabs 2nd and 3rd

94'civic coupe ex grabbing 2nd and 3rd.

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BEST 94 Honda Civic SI
This Ex is acctually an SI and NO its not the same car that is in my other video, this is acctually 2 years later, and different civic.

Team DiVERSE Eg Coupe
Sergio's eg coupe from Team DiVERSE by :Carlos Munoz dancer : danny like our page http://www.facebook.com/TeamDiverse?fref=ts follow us on instagram @dew_ej1 @low_slow_ef @reckless_daniel i dont not own the song !

BEST 94 Honda Civic EX EVER
My good old Civic back in a day when I had it, also you can see Eds old White civic. To see what happend to his white civic go to tommyhelfiger2003 videos and see.

94 Civic Coupe Jdm H22
Just a video I put together. I no longer have the car but was a fun project! 94 civic coupe ex, 94 Jdm h22a , m2f4 tranny, intake, p13 ecu. Hasport swap kit. Nothing special. Enjoy.