Toyota Tundra Towing

A demonstrative video featuring a Toyota Tundra and Chaparral 24' Cabin Cruiser weighing in at 7,000lbs (with the trailer)

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2006 Tundra at boat ramp, baja 42'
2006 Toyota Tundra Double Cab, supercharged, pulling out Baja 42' long

Toyota Tundra Towing Trailer - Dump Trailer Hookup
Today the #verycoolguys of construction show you Toyota Tundra Towing Trailer tips, how to properly complete a dump trailer hookup and talk trash! Complete your tow vehicle ( in our case Toyota Tundra ) and dump trailer checklist first! 1. Make sure your tow vehicle has a brake controller. 2. That your vehicle can handle the load and dump trailer hookup. 3. Check tire air pressure. 4. Check all marker lights are functional 5. Make all hitch connections and double check they're secure 6. make sure your load is secure 7. Tarp any open top loads. How to properly complete the towing safety checklist above is talked about. First, drop the dump trailer onto the tow vehicles ball ( in our case Toyota Tundra ) . Second, attach your safety chains in a crisscross manner. Third, attach electrical hook up for marker lights and dump trailer brakes. Finally, attach the dump trailer brake emergency pull wire. You’re now going to test your brake and marker lights for functionality. Also crucial, weight distribution allowing for proper dump trailer hookup, the #verycoolguys discuss how to place your load within your dump trailer! Once the trailer hookup is complete and the safety checklist is finalized, you are ready to tarp your load and talk trash! We hope you enjoy the VeryCoolGuy dump trailer hookup how to video, we're sure it'll get you moving forward with your towing safety.

toyota tundra creek crossing with trailer on
crossing a creek with my tundra 4x4 with trailer in tow as the bridge is washed out.

David Walker's Toyota Tundra
BASS Elite Angler David Walker, gives us a tour of his newly customized 2011 Toyota Tundra.