Out Of Control Front Engine Dragster

I got out of my grove and the car shot to the right lane, as it did many times. I played with the gas pedal and kept the car in the left lane. Because of the good reaction time i won the race.jwawning@jwawning.com

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Lions Drag Strip incredible Grand Premier accidents 1972
Season opening Grand Premier at Lions Drag Strip in Janaury 1972 marked the return of NHRA sanction to the world famous Wilmington/Long Beach, CA racetrack. Incredible clip is from Part 1 (of 3 part) video documentary "Lions - The Greatest Drag Strip", and shows the unusual amount of accidents that took place, thanks to veteran lensman Paul Sadler and Dave Kerr. Lions would close after its 17-year run just eleven months later.

Funny Car runs over crew!
This video is of Funny Car owner Dale Harsins of Boise Idaho being ran over by his car at Woodburn Dragstrip at the 1st annual night of fire races in Woodburn Oregon on july 30th 2011. If you watch the video frame by frame you will see the cars laft rear tire run over the crew member and the owner of the car is hit and dragged along till the driver gets car stopped.

John Metler's 100% all original "4-ΑΩ Tin God" Jr. Fuel Dragster is a survivor that was put away in 1972, only to be resurrected some 40 years later! The 120" wheelbase dragster with a Hilborn Injected 301ci with original rear gear, along with the original '67 El Camino push car that was also stored until this year, made an appearance at the Hunnert Car Heads Up Inaugural Event at Byron Dragway 9-12-15. First and only pass, straight off the trailer, results in a chassis flexing, wheels off the ground burnout and an insane wheel hopping pass, harkening back to the 60's with a 9.93@143.09mph!

Old school rail slingshot front engine dragster vs new dragster lakeland drag strip
8/10/2013 at Lakeland drag strip. My old 1969 rail with homebuilt 400sbc in qualifying. Only 3rd pass on this engine. Heads up against newer rear engine dragster with BBC. This engine is 413 cu in,and uses iron heads,no porting,a $80 solid camshaft and cost under $3000 for long-block machining and all parts. minus the hilborn Injection pump and MSD. PG tranny and 8 3/4 chrysler rear end.,.What a blast ! Thanks to Dallas,Buford,Mark,Troy,JR,and Jeff Harris for help! Also should thank Jerry Merchant for selling me the 400 block that was out of his old wrecker!