2012 Lexus ISF Review

On the note on test drives. Those will be a separate video on some. My 1st try at a car review. As I do more of these the better they will get. This review has a relation to my AE86. Since the original car was designed by the same man who did the AE86. Nobuaki Katayama

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AE86 USDM Original Sales Brochure Review
Managed to finally find an original 1984 sales brochure for my car. Great condition. I go over it in great detail. Cars included: AE86, AE82 for the 1984 Model Year You can see a copy of this brochure on the following site: http://www.toyotareference.com/corolla#CO84

AE86 Air Bag Wheel Horn DIY & LS400 Horn Conversion
I get the horn working on my Celica wheel and switch out that horrible factory horn for Lexus LS400 horns. Diagram care of LynchburgCSI http://i716.photobucket.com/albums/ww166/ImpalaLS01/Diagram2_zpsdx9vv0cs.jp g

AE86 The Game Gets Serious
Been planning this for years. This will be the lengthiest DIY I have ever undertaken. As I gather more parts the game will continue. Can you handle the suspense?

Upcoming March Projects & A Game Pt 1.
*For some odd reason the camera kept fogging up mid video. From the 3 takes I did, this one was the best. So close to Spring and yet the cold will not stop. So, here are my plans for next month. Mostly IS300 stuff. However, I have plans for a large mod on the 4AC. I want you, the viewers to guess what I plan on doing. Every video I will show a part related to this future mod. Part number 1: New OEM Crank Pulley Bolt