2001 Mustang GT vs Cop

almost completely stock vs cop in crown victoria

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Tuned Lamborghini Gallardo & Nissan GT-R vs. Russian Police
Hey guys, watch this awesome video! Amazing with 360kmh / 225mph on russian highway! If you like the video pls thumbs up and subscribe! ------------------------------------------------------ Hey Leute, schaut euch dieses abnormale Video an! Mit 360kmh auf der russischen Autobahn! Wenn es euch gefallen hat bitte Daumen hoch und abonnieren!

Mustang VS Oklahoma Highway Patrol
A stolen Mustang is driven by a really good driver and goes to show cops arent always the best drivers. The only reason he got stop was b/c the stop sign was wrapped around his axel. If he would of got out of that he would of been gone.

Mustang EXPLODES Tire on Dyno at 150MPH!
One of the CRAZIEST Dyno mishaps we've ever seen, and extremely scary considering how many Dyno's we've filmed standing close to the cars! This unlucky Mustang owner's tire EXPLODES at around 150MPH (uncertain of exact speed, but top of 5th) on the Dyno. We aren't certain why it was ran through the gears, but you can see the results. Hopefully he can get his new car back up and running soon! ------------------------------------- 1320Video Gear ► http://www.1320video.com/shop/ Facebook ► http://facebook.com/1320videos Instagram ► https://instagram.com/1320video/ Twitter ► https://twitter.com/1320video

I was testing a new microphone set up on an my Ford Mustang to record the Exhaust sound, Supercharger sound, and downshift sounds, and as I was accelerating I saw what appeared to be a cop car in the rear view mirror in interstate traffic. Hoping for the best I let off the gas, although i still got a good recording of the Exhaust and Supercharger on my ford Mustang. This one is the shelby gt500 with the stock Exhaust and Supercharger if you are wondering. The cop car catches up and passes by, so i didn't get a ticket or anything. At the end of the video I have some good downshift sounds for you, plus links to new videos. You can subscribe to my channel and browse other videos to learn what microphone and camera setup I use, or just to watch other fun videos :) Thanks! Relevant searches: Ford Mustang Exhaust sound Ford Mustang Supercharger sound Ford Mustang downshift Ford Mustang downshift sound Ford Mustang acceleration Ford Mustang 0-60 Ford Mustang quarter mile Ford Mustang runs from cops car runs from cops superspeeders super speeders Ford Mustang Supercharger Ford Mustang Exhaust best Ford Mustang Exhaust car runs from police