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How a CVT works! (Animation) This animation explains the basic principle of CVTs (continuously variable transmission). Here, we look at the Variomatic and the Multitronic. 1) Input shaft, output shaft, metal belt 2) Continuously variable RPM 3) Pulleys and sheaves 4) Cogged v-belt, metal belt, CVT chain 5) Variomatic with centrifugal weights 6) Use of hydraulic oil pump

Automatic vs Manual Transmission
Which is better: Manual or Automatic transmission? This debate has been present for the last seven decades. Manual and automatic transmissions are completely different technologies, which use different configurations and principles. One is based on a simple gear pair, while the other is based on a planetary gear set. One uses a torque convertor, while the other uses a clutch pack. We will do a logical comparison of these technologies in this video. We thank our patrons for making LE's educational service sustainable. Please support us at so that we will have the capability to release 2 videos/month. Like us on FB : Voice-over artist :

How automatic transmission works

How Automatic Transmissions Work! | Best 3D Animation Ever
This video covers the working principle of an Automatic Transmission system