Audi S2 / RS2 Start

(Neso Racing) Curse RS2R Audi S2 / RS2 Start 5Cyl 20v turbo Quattro

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Audi S2 Launch Control
Audi S2 launch control at Worthersee 2016

1995 Audi Coupe 2.8E Quattro sound
Sound of a 1995 Audi Coupe 2.8E Quattro with a 57mm Powerflow Exhaust system, 2 boxes. Photos are of the car from the recording. For more check out the blog: And VAGAS on Facebook:

S2 K24 S4 biturbo MRC 524 PS
Audi S2 turbos with external wastegates on 2.7 biturbo running no mafs 524PS 680Nm

Launch audi s2