karmann ghia street start

Glewice Poland, cruising strarting with KG 61.

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1968 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Rat Rod For Sale
THIS VEHICLE IS FOR SALE. Click "Show More" for more information! Call us - 636-600-4600 Visit our Showroom - 2340 Cassens Dr. St. Louis MO 63026 http://www.motoexotica.com/inventory/listing/1968-volkswagen-karmann-ghia-r atrod WE BUY CARS! 1968 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Rat Rod One of the most photographed VW Ghias in the world! Purchased from Gas Monkey Garage Custom patina of desirable “Rat Rod” look Performance 1.4L horizontally opposed 4 cylinder engine 4-speed manual transmission 4 inch drop! MotoeXotica Classic Cars rarely says “one of a kind”, but there just cant be another 1968 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia like this one! This car named “Betty Rusty”, is the epitome of the Rat Rod car culture! Purchased by us at auction for an area charity sponsored by Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage fame. This event will be featured in an upcoming episode of Fast N Loud and it stills stands as low today as it did the day it graced the cover of the October 2015 issue of Ultra VW magazine! The VW community has a number of subcultures, all the way from purists to visionaries. The builder of this low scraping sculpture is artist Carlos “C-Low” Mijares is one of latter members. He got this Ghia from a guy who had rescued it from the bone yard. He like the car’s patina so much he decided to saved it, but as a creative soul he couldn’t resist added a few of his personal touches to the exterior and interior. He then slammed this sled with no bags or juice, just a static drop! When asked if he was finished with it, his response was” you’re never done”…but why is it so low?, “Because I have to live up to my nickname!” Re-bodied with a 1961 body onto the 1968 chassis with a 8″ narrowed front beam with adjusters and 21/2′ drop spindles. Re-finished in a multi colored clear coated rat rod patina, it shows extremely as designed with all the imperfections visible upon 50 ft inspection. Metalflake gold with neon green spider webs adorn the roof. Front and rear bumpers fit properly with chrome removed as well as the override bumper guards. What trim that is present and finish is bright. Weather stripping is not there for both doors, however front and rear glass stripping is good condition with no signs of drying, tearing or shrinkage. Inside, the floors have been flatened to give an extra 2″ of clearance. The door panels actual match and compliment the seats. The dashboard has the same metalflake finish and is designed to mirror the exterior top of the car. The original steering wheel with a grey leather displays well with no real signs of wear. Personal interior touches of the previous owners include, a skateboard wheel gas pedal and a clear acrylic shift knob for the deeply religious. This Karman Ghia is equipped with a built by Roland (the Buggy Shop) single Solex carburetored 1.4L boxer 4 cylinder engine with110 cam, matted to a 4-speed manual transmission, rear 4″ drop spring plates with1 click up on the torsion, the body is tubbed in the rear to accommodate the 7″ wide wheels, bevel gear differential, front disc and rear drum brakes. 17 inch black centered BRM polished lip alloys equipped with 205/40 ZR17 directional tires. This Rat Rod Ghia will take you back to a simpler time…it just may take you a little more time to get there GET OUT AND LOW RIDE!!! Current mileage on the odometer shows 93,252 it is sold as is and is mileage exempt. The car is being sold on a clean & clear title. VIN: 148200458 http://www.facebook.com/stlclassiccars http://www.instagram.com/motoexotica http://www.twitter.com/motoexotica636

This VW Karmann Ghia is a Turbocharged Ice Scraper | Driving.ca
This Volkswagen Karmann Ghia dubbed "the Ghiaru" was once headed towards the scrap heap. Owner Mike McConnell saved it from death row and added some Subaru power in the trunk. Full Article: http://driving.ca/volkswagen/auto-news/entertainment/this-pavement-scraping -turbocharged-franken-ghia-is-the-coolest-winter-ca r-ever Follow Driving! Twitter: https://twitter.com/drivingdotca Instagram: http://instagram.com/drivingca Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drivingdotca

Karmin Ghia ProTour ROTARY Supercharged FOR SALE
1970 Karmin Ghia Convertible. This car was commissioned built by II Carsick Garage in Sarasota, Fla. for a customer, who intention was to build a super Ghia...per say. This car without doubt is the wildest creation we've ever built, and is NOT for the everyday driver. It is race prepared to the 10's, yet driven on the street daily. It can be driven like a normal Mazda or VW...short shifting....It Can also rev 10,000 RPMS instantly with the FULL RACE prepared "LOWES Performance" 13B Mazda Supercharged Rotary. The transmission and driveline have been rebuilt several times to handle the power, and finally, after 2 sets of custom axles, we finally had a German Company Custom machine the CV Joints combining 930 Por. parts. There is a year of hard work and testing on this sweet little hot rod, and she's dialed in perfect, ready for a real car guy who wants to BLOW peoples minds with the performance this car has, besides being the coolest Ghia we've ever seen done. The owner says its way to fast for him......! and we agree....this car is wild, and super quick, and I guarantee you eat corvettes for breakfast... To Date, we believe this is the only Karmin Ghia Convertible that has been transformed (Super Rotary) into what has been described a Corvette killer...equipped with nothing but the very best in equipment money can buy or build. Everything on this car is NEW. Everything has been tweeked to the owners spec. EQUIPMENT: 70 Ghia Convert / Rust Free Car 1985 13B Mazda Motor / Fresh-500miles Lowes Performance Race Motor / Ported/Polished . Race Seals..etc. / Camden Supercharger / 850 Holley Race Carb ($12K invested) Motor is producing 350Hp @ 7 lbs Boost @ 7600 RPM / Duel MSD BOXES / Duel Rev Limiter Methanol Injection with Pump (Computer Mixed for racing applications) Adjustable Air-Fuel Mixture / Boost Controller / Custom Oil Cooler with Duel Fans Fischer Roadmaster 4 spd Trans . / Shifts better then Perfect...we worked on it. Scat Shifter re-machined internally to be real smooth for road racing applications SUSPENSION: Custom Machined 930 Style Hubs / Wildwood Disc Racing Brakes / Custom 10" drilled and slotted rotors Custom offset "FOOSE" 18" mono racing wheels KONI Shocks New gas tank (OEM style) insulated New Painless wiring system / complete INTERIOR: Custom Fitted Carbon Fiber Dash (Real Carbon Fiber) Custom Instrumentation . 10K Tach w-shift lift / Rev Limited to 8000rpm for street. Custom Racing Seats and seat belts...new carpet etc, Custom Leather Door Panels "GHIA SC" Top is custom padded and super insulated for the AC we installed....they did a beautiful job on this top assemble. IF you want the ultimate street VW, you just found it...! There is over $45K in this car as is, and probably the most beautiful Karmin Ghia in this country, and ONE of the fastest too Good Luck Bidding....trade considered...this car is reserved priced, get real...and I will lift the reserve. All inquiries call for more information / Tons of build pics available. http://www.ebay.com/itm/161392971049?forcerRptr=true&item=161392971049&view item=&sspagename=ADME:L:LCA:MOTORS:1123 Vern Tokarczyk / 941-284-9593 VERN.TOKARCZYK@GMAIL.COM

Novo Volkswagen Karmann Ghia 2017
Já era lindo no passado, tive um amarelo e amava. Quero um do novo! www.eletrosbr.com.br Novo Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia 2017 possui linhas agressivas em relação ao original, mas é fiel ao estilo do clássico nacional. Tanto em versão cupê quanto na conversível, o projeto não foge do objetivo da Karmann-Ghia, que é recriar o antigo esportivo e colocá-lo no mercado nacional. A empresa pretende construir a versão de produção sobre uma plataforma já disponível no mercado brasileiro, mas aparentemente não fechou acordo com qualquer montadora. A Karmann-Ghia está investindo na modernização da fábrica da Anchieta, em São Bernardo do Campo/SP, a fim de retomar a produção de veículos, seja da própria marca ou de terceiros. Você gostou desse projeto? Será que sai do papel ? O Karmann-Ghia é um carro esportivo de dois lugares produzido pela Volkswagen, projetado pela empresa italiana Ghia, e construído pela empresa alemã Karmann. Cerca de 445 000 Karmann Ghias foram produzidos entre 1955 e 1975. No início dos anos 1950 a Volkswagen produzia apenas o Fusca e a Kombi, típicos carros pós guerra - resistentes, sóbrios e baratos. O mundo entretanto já se recuperava da Segunda Guerra Mundial, e a demanda por carros mais elegantes e luxuosos aumentava. A Volkswagen acabara de sair do controle britânico (1949), e de certa forma já se aventurara timidamente neste mercado, com a versão conversível do Fusca. Entretanto a gerência da Volkswagen ainda considerava a possibilidade de oferecer um carro que levantasse a imagem da firma, atendendo plenamente a esse mercado. O projeto inicial apresentado pela Karmann não agradou muito aos executivos da VW. Buscando satisfazer um cliente tão importante, a Karmann procurou ajuda no estúdio italiano de design Ghia. Segundo relatos não oficiais, Luigi Segre, responsável pelo renomado estúdio, teria apresentou a Wilhelm Karmann um desenho não utilizado pela Chrysler, o coupé Chrysler Guia Special.[1] Desenhado por Virgil Exner e Mario Boano, o protótipo figurou no salão de Paris de 1952, e teria inspirado o design do coupe VW. Tendo ou não adaptado um desenho anterior, a Ghia comprou um Fusca do importador francês Charles Laudoch, e sobre seu chassis terminou o protótipo em apenas cinco meses.[2] Daí o carro foi levado de Turim para Neuilly, França, para a garagem de Laudoch. Lá Wilhelm Karmann pode ver pela primeira vez o design, o que o deixou muito entusiasmado.. O carro foi levado para Osnabrück, onde foi apresentado em 16 de novembro a Heinrich Nordhoff, então presidente da Volks. Apesar de sua preocupação com o possível possível preço do carro,[2] a persuasão de Wilhelm Karmann e a necessidade de atender as demandas de mercado garantiram o sinal verde para o projeto. Segundo o acordo fechado entre as empresas, o carro seria vendido pela Volkswagen mas produzido pela Karmann sobre a plataforma do Fusca/Carocha (alargada em 30 cm, e no total o carro seria 12 cm mais longo). Após testes suplementares e refinamentos no projeto, o ferramental foi encomendado, e em julho de 1955 o coupe Volkswagen foi apresentado a imprensa. Entretanto o carro ainda não tinha nome, apenas o código "Typ 14". Após considerar alguns nomes italianos para o carro, o nome Karmann-Ghia foi escolhido, refletindo o exotismo do carro e a participação das várias empresas em seu projeto. Em agosto de 1955[4] o primeiro Karmann-Ghia saiu da linha de montagem de Osnabrück, Alemanha. A reação do público ao curvilíneo carro foi excelente, e mais de 10.000 carros foram vendidos só no primeiro ano, surpreendendo até a própria Volkswagen.