Ford Aerostar demo-derby special

1995 Ford Aerostar camper special. Almost flipping the All Wheel Drive Aerostar van (2 wheels), innocent bystander gets shot by a roman candle, plus accidental roman candle shooting inside the van!!!

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Going home in a winter storm

Living in a 97 Ford Aerostar. The $1000 Homevan
I turned my 97 Ford Aerostar into a home for less than $1000, including buying the van. It is awesome, check it out. Find out more here: can-live-in-a-van-too/ To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email

Official Ford Aerostar "Van Dam" Commercial
2 1/2 minutes dedicated to the gangsterist vehicle of all-time...the Van Dam!! Aerostar lovers rejoice!! Represent!!