james may wins flirting award

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Top Gear UK Awards Of 2008
I wasn't going to upload this, but i thought why not let others see this clip, so i did.

Carla Bruni hates James May (HIGH QUALITY)
it was the 1.8 with the optional rear armrest, ripped from iPlayer without the BBC's permisson, because i dont care about copyright Ha Ha!

Jeremy Clarkson's further speculations on James May's sex-life
Sorry for the terrible audio quality on this video - I tried to reupload but it still had the same problem, I must have cocked something up when I exported it, but it's too late to fix now :/ Part Two in the series I'm tentatively titling "Who does Jeremy think he's kidding?". Part One: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkiVr9qA0AM

Jeremy Clarkson Flirting Part One
series 12, episode 5 cool wall clip