2000 Prelude SH 0-80 mph ALL STOCK

2000 Prelude SH doing a 0-80 mph. car is all stock with a k&n filter. excuse the negro saying retarded shit haha

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2000 Honda Prelude SH mountain run
2000 Honda Prelude SH 6/10ths run down Mingus Mountain Scenic Road, Prescott AZ

2000 type SH prelude out for a ride
just me with my ghetto camera mount..well in btwn the headrest and seat

1996 B16 type-r hatch on nitrous doing a couple of runs
same as describtion 1st run was no Nitrous

1999 Civic SI vs 2000 Prelude type SH
Prelude Type SH 1/4 Mile Time: 17.60 @ 84.04 MPH vs Honda Civic Si 1/4 Mile Time: 18.70 @ 72.40 MPH The Strip is a Drag Strip at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas, NV- 3500+ D/A Temperature 95 Degrees+ Fahrenheit resulting in lower 1/4 mile times