Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Exhaust *Normal Driving*

Here is the Jeep under normal acceleration with the Flowtech Raptor Muffler, check out my other video's to see what set-up im running if your interested....

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5 Speed 4.7 V8 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ
First video of my driving the WJ after the 5 speed swap, head rebuild and new custom cooling system! Much fun will be had with this transmission hehe.

Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Exhaust *Heavy Acceleration*
Here is my 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7L (V-8) with the new Flowtech Raptor 2.25" Muffler everything else is stock on the Exhaust set-up.....

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee wj 4.0 Transmission shift problem
Having problems while shifting from 1st into 2nd, transmission lags and is very jerky until around 2500 rpm then it changes. Go to 0:25 to see an acceleration from a stop. If I floor it it shifts fine. Any idea what this might be? btw this is a 2004 grand cherokee 4.0 quadra trac

Grand Cherokee WJ Duplex exhaust
My new Duplex 4 Exhaust! Soundcheck