Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Exhaust *Normal Driving*

Here is the Jeep under normal acceleration with the Flowtech Raptor Muffler, check out my other video's to see what set-up im running if your interested....

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Jeep WJ Maintenance - Part 2: Balljoints and Hub Bearing Assembly Replacement - Vortex Garage Ep. 4
In part 2 of our WJ suspension refurb video, we tackle the first jobs on the front suspension. We strip down one side of the Dana 30 axle, go over how to remove the bearing assembly, and press out the lower and upper balljoints. Next we show how to press in the lower and upper balljoints, replace the hub bearing assembly, and install a new rotor. Look for part 3 coming soon, where we will replace the bushings on the upper control arms and D30 axle, and install new lower front control arms.

Jeep WJ D44/D35 Axle Bearings, seals, plus parking brake - Vortex Garage Ep. 11
In today's episode, we tackle the rear outer axle shaft bearing, retainers, and seals on our 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee (WJ). Our Jeep has the Dana 44a, but the parts and process are similar on the Dana 35 as well. In addition, we replace the rear parking brake shoes as well. From YouTube Audio Library: 1. Go to Town 2. North Sea 3. The Firey Furnace 4. The Coming Storm 5. Down the Drain 6. Double Helix 7. Rabid 8. Vindicated 9. Awakening 10. Dewey Cheedham and Howe 11. Watch is Glow 12. Pride Before the Fall Title Theme: Led Foot

Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Exhaust Rev *Inside Cab*
Here is basically what it sounds like inside the cab with the Exhaust and intake kicking in.......

Hummer H3 3.7 and Grand Cherokee WJ 4.7 Offroad 4x4